Portraits "painted" gum

Contemporary art knows no boundaries. For example, the artists never took absopositively framework. On the contrary, they have always been the creators of something new. Someone invented a new genre, different style, and some of the textures and techniques of working with pictures. British artist Jason Kronenfeld, about 15 years ago, came up with a very fun technique of drawing paintings. Portraits of famous people he vyleplivaet from chewing gum. Funny. As it turned out, the technique is time consuming satisfied, because the gum must be chewed well.

For this famous Brit is a team that supplies the Creator with the necessary material at the time of his sudden inspiration. Among the paintings of Jason's portraits of Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Princess Diana and many other famous people. Strange, but the robot on the paintings does not require special tools. All done using hands and sometimes a knife. Palette of colors taken from the color of the gum.

To create a special color or tint, gum mix. Identical technique of "drawing" a recently captured Ukrainian Anna Matveeva from Donetsk. Recently she presented the first two robots. The girl did a good job on the portrait of Steve jobs and one of his best friends. The creation of the face of Steve jobs (picture sizes 1,2мх1м) Anna spent close to 1000 of chewing gum and three weeks time. Based on Matveeva fundamentally takes only the product brand "Love is...", which not only remind the girl childhood, but have very good color scheme. While donchanka does not have world fame, and all her crew consists of friends and relatives.

But the artist does not stop there. In the process of "drawing" are now and other paintings. In the near future she plans to organize in his hometown exhibition of his extraordinary works. At the presentation it plans to open all the secrets of his skill, and even to hold a master class on creating paintings of bubble gum.

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