The science of the birth of a perfect child

Every expectant mother wants to have beautiful, smart intelligent, and most importantly a healthy baby. Someone specifically chooses to do this good genetic material in the form of handsome men, some are stuffed with different vitamins, someone is always leads a healthy life, does yoga and meditation.

It turns out that in the world there is a science that will help you give birth to a healthy cute baby with mental makings of a Prodigy. It was invented in Ancient Rome, her name millipede. In those days the Romans wanted to create a very strong nation, so they have responsible approach to the issue of having children. In the end, an ancient people came to the conclusion that the birth of an ideal of Chad is affected by age of parents (they must be very old, but not young), their health and even material benefit. Galipedia also refers to the Lunar calendar, as the Romans claimed that the birth and destiny of the newborn meet the Sun and the Moon.

And to the parents turned out brilliant and beautiful child, the conception must occur during the period of "friendship" of the planets. All the features of the connections of the planets described in the present Lunar calendar. Very favorable, with callipygia, there is a second Lunar day. On this day, most often to conceive a girl, but boys will be happy and healthy. For example, if you want to give birth to a calm and balanced child, you need to work on that in the sixteenth Lunar day. Twenty-fourth Lunar day will give the child the beauty, high intelligence, kindness and practicality. Millipede recommends a very cozy and nice to dress up a room for love.

Because the eye of women should be directed at beautiful. To complement the aura can different oil burner and essential oil. The most wonderful time for conception is considered to be sunrise, because then the person comes from the world of dreams into reality. But most importantly, and millipede and Ukrainian folk traditions say that beautiful and smart kids are born in love. Love one another, love the world around, love life and then she will give you a beautiful baby. But beauty, to me, is not measured by appearance, it is within each of us.

Therefore, it depends on education how your child will be cheerful, kind, sympathetic, smiling. And let its beauty is measured by deeds, not dimples.

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