Visible signs of deficiency and excess of vitamins and minerals

Complete and balanced nutrition can supply the body with a whole palette of essential vitamins and minerals. But in reality, people often do not eat properly and not balanced. This diet is difficult to keep track of all necessary for the health substances. If you know what elements the body lacks and which are present in excess, it is half the victory. Follow the tips of your body.

Sometimes, for no apparent reason people start to feel ill, and the efficiency decreases. And often the first thing that comes to mind is lack of any vitamins. But how to understand the hints of the body, what elements are missing?

Vitaminize many people know that vitamins are substances that do not provide energy and are not construction material. Nevertheless, the vitamins perform many important functions in the body — support of the metabolism at the proper level, transmission of nerve impulses, control of enzymes, and more.

We can say that they are in the body a state of harmony bring. But harmony is only when they are in the body to act in the desired quantity. And how to understand that their is insufficient in the body?

The most accurate method is testing. But if there is no possibility or desire to be tested, it is possible on appearance to define the classic manifestations of vitamin deficiencies — so in medicine is called lack of vitamins. On the basis of some typical external symptoms even not a doctor can identify the problem.

Definition volosami healthy body hair will be bouncy, shiny, sparkle in the sun. When the hair is similar to a bundle of straw, whipped, does not hold shape, confused, dull and even a hydrating mask for the hair, they do not help, then it is a sign of lack of vitamins in the body.

Itchy and dry skin says the lack of vitamin E, if on the scalp occurs dermatitis, and vitamin A; or a deficit of group b, which nourish the scalp and carry out her covers of nerve impulses.

If hair is excessively, it may signal a deficiency of Riboflavin. Severe hair loss may indicate a lack of folic acid or of vitamin C. Dandruff may indicate a deficit of vitamins B6 and B12, and unsaturated fatty acids.

When deficiency of such minerals as calcium and iron in the hair too much can suffer.

Multistorey nails grow well, they are smooth and have a solid color, and the skin around the nails, without Burr and cracks, has smooth color.

If your nails exfoliate, bend, and crack along and across the nail, look pale, turn yellow, do not grow — most likely it is a sign of deficiency of vitamin C. Deep hangnails can hint about the lack of vitamin Aili E, if your fingers go numb — it is possible to compensate for the lack of group B.

Diagnosis coupo skin is generally very well possible to diagnose a deficiency of vitamins. Skin you can read the lack of almost any substance attributable to the vitamins.

A deficiency of vitamins A, E and nicotinic acid is manifested in dryness of the skin, appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles, paleness of the skin.

Deficiency of vitamin B2 can indicate the peeling of the skin and its oiliness, the shortage of fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins — redness spots and blackheads. Frequent dermatitis problem with the VI b vitamins Biotin (vitamin H). A deficiency may also cause hyperpigmentation on the skin, those. The appearance of brown spots and moles.

The acquisition of the skin yellowish — lack of vitamin B12.

The skin gives the signals that the lack of any vitamin. The appearance on the shoulders and thighs of the goose skin and dryness can be a symptom of deficiency of vitamins A and E, if long to heal bruises, especially in the area of forearms and shins, then the problem is with the vessels in consequence of the deficiency of vitamins C and R.

Excessive skin dryness and pruritic dermatoses gives the deficiency of B vitamins, especially B3 and B6, and iodine deficiency.

Glaseri the lack of vitamins with the eyes are also happen the problem. The classic manifestation of lack of vitamins can be flies flashing before my eyes, this especially happens during sudden movements. The culprit these symptoms usually vitamin D is.

Many people know that if you don't see well in the dark (impairment of twilight vision), it is usually a lack of vitamin A. deficiency symptoms of these vitamins in chisela can be and frequently occurring inflammation around the eyes and eyelids, burning sensation and sand in the eyes, appearance of styes. If Ri vitamin group B can exude blood vessels to develop under eye circles.

Health calomist still many grounds on which to determine the lack of vitamins, which signaled the body:

Can bleeding gums, mucosa of the mouth white patches of white patches on the tongue;

Dry or cracked lips, corners of the mouth can pustules appear;

Appetite or becomes selective, or very reduced;

People who lack of vitamins, are more susceptible to disease, his hands trembling fingertips, unstable blood pressure, in the evening swollen feet can hurt;

Common may be insomnia, headaches, irritability and fault-finding.

Often in such cases reason is not a deficit of the particular item because many of them in metabolic processes involved, the cause is likely the lack of many of them.

Visible signs of lack of vitamins

Raciology hands: reduced thyroid function, magnesium deficiency, low heart function, chronic fatigue.

Kogerstaete: a little zinc.

Spontaneous bleeding: lack of vitamin Seeley, Select platelets.

Actinic: vitamin A.

Yellow palm is an excess of beta-carotene.

Dry scaly skin and red rings around hair follicles: vitamin C.

Goosebumps: the lack of essential fatty acids.

Novozelene knee-jerk reaction: not enough magnesium.

Painful calf muscles: also lack of magnesium.

Serdtsebienie irregular, high blood pressure, cardiomegaly: not enough coenzyme q and magnesium, or hypersensitivity to caffeine.

Goloulina thyroid: decreased function of the thyroid, iodine deficiency.

Notevolmente furrow said the shortage of zinc.

White spots speak of the lack of minerals, most often it is zinc.

Soft nails: magnesium

Nail crumbling: total body lack of minerals.

Skin licusati on the forehead and seborrheic dermatitis: a lack of vitamin B6.

Flaky red oily skin on the face and around the nose: a lack of vitamin B2.

Glutamatergic: excess free radicals, shortage of chromium.

Bags under the eyes and dark circles: the intolerance of some product or allergic to it.

The whites of the eyes have a bluish tint, and early graying of hair: deficient anemia or lack of vitamin B12.

Cavity chaouchi language and dents from the teeth: intolerance to some of the product.

A cracked pale tongue: the iron is not enough.

Painful cracked tongue: vitamin B3 is not enough.

Painful tongue plus a sensation of burning and peeling of lips: vitamin B2.

Smooth and painful tongue can indicate a lack of folic acid.

Chapped lips, stomatitis, or lack of B2.



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