Vegans waiting deficit B12? Lies!

Subject vitamin B12 for most vegans, raw foodists and other zozhnikov - is not new. With this theme we have already been repeated ad nauseam, and has reached the point that people are in a panic run to the pharmacy to buy regular injections B12 is, or tablets, or what else, I do not know. All for the sake of just die from a lack of this vitamin

B12 - vitamin, so I thought until today, is in conversation with his beloved had not heard from her that B12 - this microorganism is not a vitamin, as we all think. I heard it from a conversation with this living in America sister. Indeed, fumbled on the internet to, I did not find this information on vitamin B12. Then I dug and dug into burzhunete, and what was my surprise when I saw in the TOP I needed information: B12 - not a vitamin, but a full-fledged living microorganism. Article large, but fully disclose the issue of B12.
Deficiency of vitamin B12 - a serious disorder, and symptoms of this deficiency are often declared nonsense, weight loss, anorexia, fatigue, pallor, breathing problems, and so on. I have listed only a few signs of B12 deficiency, a list of which can be extended further. Of foreign doctors are advised to immediately run to him, as soon as there is something like the above. Like, lack of B12 - is deadly to humans
. The interesting thing is that in recent years, scientists in many countries have revised their attitude to vitamin B12, and acknowledged that human need for this vitamin is much exaggerated. Our body to life quite a lot less vitamin B12, than is indicated at the beginning of the "discovery" of the substance. Substances right? Vitamin Do? Scientists of Great Britain (British scientists) conducted a study that found that throughout life a person needs in the amount of B12 is, equal to 40 milligrams! In terms of it - one-seventh of the average aspirin
. Vitamin B12 is excreted in the bile, and once again effectively absorbed. This process is called "re-absorption" or enterohepatic circulation.
The amount of bile output from B12 can vary from 1 to 10 micrograms per day. Raw foodists and vegans as well as vegetarians, can receive some amount of B12 by reabsorption, and not from food is omnivorous. reabsorption process can last for over 20 years until it begins the real B12 deficiency in the body. If the process is disturbed reabsorption, since the end income B12 in the body can take only 3 years, and will begin to develop a deficit. Healthy human body copes with generation of B12, and, in general, the inner synthesis could completely cover all our needs for the substance, but there are other factors that can cause problems, such as deficiency in protein body of calcium or cobalt. These substances directly provide intestinal health, and therefore the entire body.
Among the many discussions and controversies surrounding vitamin B12 has been suggested that, although the B12 and is produced in the gut, its synthesis occurs in the intestine is too low, the body simply is not able to absorb it from there. This view, according to Dr Vetrano, was refuted by studies of more than 20 years ago, and now seems nothing more than irrelevant, obsolete scientific theory. For example, in the book of Human Anatomy and Physiology 'by Marieb said that the man really learns B12 from the intestines.
Source content B12 - only animal food
? Many people believe that the only source of the content of B12 is animal food, and all the products of animal origin. This is completely wrong opinion, it is not. In fact, the vitamin B12 is not contained in the vegetable or animal products in! Vitamin B12 is a mycobacteria, a particular microorganism that is responsible for intakes of micronutrients such as cobalt. Chemical name B12 - cobalamin, which is the center of the molecular structure of this organism. All vertebrate animals, like man, needs cobalt, which is absorbed only in the form of B12. I do not really want to call it vitamin B12, but certainly if so we are used to, so be it. Although better call it "a bacterium B12».
Synthesized vitamin B12, as is known, the small intestine of the human, so-called "ileum", which is the main site in which this same bacterium and absorbed. As long as the bacterium is available cobalt receipts and other necessary nutrients, vitamin B12 is produced. Also interesting is that, according to Dr. Michael Kleypera, vitamin B12 is in the mouth and intestine as a whole. With this agrees and Dr. Virginia Vetrano. According to her, B12 lives around the teeth, around the tonsils, in the crypts of the tonsils in the nasopharynx, in the folds of the base of the tongue, as well as in the area of ​​the upper bronchial tree. Natural coenzyme B12 absorption may occur in the mouth, throat, esophagus, bronchus, and even in the upper small intestine, as well as throughout the gastrointestinal tract. This mechanism does not affect the synthesis of vitamin B12 in the intestine. Coenzymes are absorbed by diffusion of the mucous membranes. Everything sounds complicated, but the bottom line is that the bacterium B12 is produced not only in the large intestine, but also in the mouth, and various mucous membranes.
Receipt of B12 from food - like everything happens
? Some amount B12 are contained in foodstuffs, in particular animal foods. But then, what ambush outdoor B12, enters the body, it absorbed only in the case when B12 normally produced within the body, ie in gastric secretion... If the synthesis of B12 by the body does not take place, or whether the process is somehow disrupted, a person begins beriberi.
The reasons for the lack of B12:
Antibiotics (including those that enter the human body from a lethal food, such as meat and milk). It is known that during his short life to the brim animals are pumped with antibiotics, hormones, and other rubbish that gets into the human body after the food meat or milk, cheese, and so on. D.
Spirits (it is known that strong drinks destroy the liver, so drinkers need more B12 is the people, than non-drinkers.
One reason for generating disturbances in the body B12 is smoking cigarette smoke as it has a high temperature, and getting into the mouth and lungs, destroys B12.
It is also the cause of a lack of B12 is stress.
The big problem right perception threads B12 is that an overwhelming number of studies on this issue have been made a long time ago, in a time when technology was not as sophisticated as it is now. According to Dr. Vetrano, current books on the B12, common in the United States, argue that actually the vitamin B12 contained in any food, which contains a complex of vitamins of group B. It's just that there was not enough technological capabilities to analyze B12 content in food. And now they have found him there. And a number of modern technology allowed scientists to determine that B12 is contained in a sufficient amount to the food, which contains a rich complex of vitamins of group B.
Lack of B12 in vegans, raw foodists and vegans - lies
marketers. In vegans, vegetarians and raw foodists there is a shortage, lack of B12. This is simply a lie invented by marketers, a move which encourages people to consume animal products in large quantities. Many so-called "scientific research on B12» that allegedly point to a lack of vitamin in vegans, should be reviewed as new research has long shown that the majority of those who do not eat animal products, completely healthy and in their body there are all necessary for the life of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals! The fact that meat-eaters are deficient in B12 often than raw foodists and vegans, known from 1959 year.
Natural antibiotics destroy B12.
The big problem for vegans, vegetarians and raw foodists is that they still use quite a lot of natural antibiotics, or the so-called antibiotic-containing foods, such as garlic, onions, radishes, radish and other foods rich in mustard oil. These products are simply lethal to intestinal microflora, which, being once destroyed, it is very difficult to be restored. B12 is almost impossible to fill from dietary supplements. People who have health problems, and the blame is a lack of vitamin B12 is, just have a sick stomach, which is unable to properly digest the incoming meal. But in people with a healthy intestinal vitamin B12 is produced without any problems again and again.
According to Dr. Vetrano, the real problem B12 deficiency is that the food is not well digested and absorbed, rather than that of vitamin B12 is lacking. She (the doctor) also argues that vitamin B12 coenzymes are found in seeds and nuts, as well as in fruits, vegetables and herbs. Eating just 100 grams of fresh raw carrots, beets, beans or peas, a person receives at least half the daily requirement of vitamin B12 is, which, in combination with internally B12 is worked out, completely covers all the needs for this vitamin.
From the book by Rodale (Complete Book of Vitamins), 236 page, we find the following explanation: "As you know, a complex of B vitamins are called" complex ", because instead of one vitamin, we are dealing with a lot of vitamins, which are contained in the same the same products. And that causes poor intestinal absorption of B vitamins are a variety of gastrointestinal disorders, has been known, in fact, back in the 1800s. Therefore, the only correct means of how to enhance the B12 in the body is a healthy lifestyle that will provide us with a healthy gut, and therefore the correct and complete assimilation of all nutrients, including vitamin B12, which is, in fact - bacteria
. Acid and alkali destroys B12.
B12 The bacterium is destroyed too acidic or too alkaline conditions, at least, so says Dr. Marieb in his "human anatomy and physiology." For example, B12 is destroyed by eating meat, because during digestion of meat products is allocated a lot of hydrochloric acid, which destroys B12. This explains why many meat eaters there is B12 deficiency, as in vegans who abuse large amounts of acidic foods such as onions and natural antibiotics or garlic. In the body of the meat-eaters are constantly rotting food, and the same putrid bacteria that is preventing the normal intestinal microflora, which is produced by the bacterium B12.
The content of vitamin B12 in the blood.
In many hospitals in assays for vitamin B12 are bled and B12 have contents of blood is judged higher or lower its content in the human body. This is not the right approach, because low levels of B12 in the blood does not necessarily mean B12 deficiency in the human body as a whole. Why? Simply because the vitamin B12 can easily be stored, such as in other areas of the body such as the central nervous system. This is indicated by studies conducted in recent years.
Commercial tablets and B12-containing preparations are made from the fermentation of bacteria deep. However, injections and B12 supplements help only for a certain time while the person is taking these medications. In the long-term shortage of B12 is required to appear again, so I would advise people with B12 deficiency to reach the heart of the matter - to find out the cause of a lack of B12 in the body. And the reasons are obvious: an unhealthy lifestyle, meat-eating, excessive nervousness, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and so on
. According to Dr. John Potter, "a magical secret power to consume food thousands of complex elements, based on mutual cooperation, which is impossible to recreate in the form of pills or drugs. This, incidentally, one of the answers to the question "why to human vitamin tablets are useless." Our body is designed so that it generates all the necessary substances, provided that the person eats the right food, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Thus, the normal person does not need any other additives, in addition to fresh and high-quality food. With an eye on all of the above, it can be argued that people should avoid any products of the meat industry that stuffs animals antibiotics, hormones, and other substances, which are poisons for humans.
All vitamins and minerals work only in conjunction with each other.
Vitamins, minerals and hormones can not operate in isolation, but only in symbiosis with each other. For normal operation of any vitamins need other substances, so, for example, drinking a vitamin C tablet, we can not be sure of its normal digestion, since there are no other elements around it. Whereas if we eat lemon or other fruit, which has a vitamin C, we obtain not only a complete absorption of vitamin C, and dozens of other vitamins that are contained in the same orange or lemon. All works in the complex.
At the same time, the human body may deteriorate not only because of lack of nutrients, but also because of their excessive admission. Overeating is also bad as malnutrition. Moreover, binge eating raw, fresh and succulent foods as bad as thermally processed food. Portions of food coming into the body, should be moderate, and the need to eat at long intervals.
The author argues that animal foods and dairy products - in fact, the source of B12 is very bad, there it is practically not. Studies have shown that meat eaters suffer from a lack of vitamin B12 most vegans and raw foodists. The thing is that the normal, traditional human nutrition leads to atrophy of the digestive system, ulcers, and other gastrointestinal diseases. Then I remembered the numerous cases of ulcers in my relatives and friends who are due to constant acidity in the body, as a consequence of the constant abuse of meat and dairy products.
Vegans and raw foodists get vitamin B12 by reabsorption of bile, and they do not need any external sources of B12, which is like so need meat-eaters. According to Dr. Wolf, excellent sources of vitamin B12 are wild plant foods and unwashed garden plants, unwashed fruits and vegetables. Why fruits and vegetables do not need to be washed? Because dust and dirt on the plants contain a large amount of soil bacteria, which must be duplicated and colonized in our digestive tract but without fermentation or rotting caused by meat meal. The conclusion should be raw foodists, but without the onions, garlic, radish and radish. Avoid all sharp and sour.
Commercial interests of market cattle overstate the real needs of B12 in the body, and not just for this matter. Also inflated human needs and other nutritional elements, and everything is done for what? In order to allow more ate more buying, emptying supermarket shelves as often as possible. The overabundance of food wears our digestive system, and we die sooner than they would live.
How much vitamin B12 does a person need for a normal life?
According to Dr. Victor Herbert, who wrote about it in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1998, Vol 48), a person needs only 0 and 00,000,035 ounces of vitamin B12 per day (1 mg). But it is for meat eaters and obychnopitayuschihsya people. For vegans and raw foodists, of course, this rule is at times less, because raw foodists GIT healthier, perform better and therefore, is able to produce more bacteria B12 is, like all other substances.
Heat treatment - the enemy B12
. The big problem vegetarians and vegans is the use of thermally processed food as heat treatment and sterilization of food kills the nutrients, which means that the human body can not develop a sufficient number of healthy microflora, which also need to generate and assimilation of vitamin B12. B12 absorption rate in healthy people is higher than in patients. However, studies show that moderate vegetarian diet can provide the body with the right amount of vitamin B12 is, but only if it is a large number of raw food in the diet. Thus, studies have been conducted inhabitants of India, who is known to feed mainly on plant food. None of the study from India found no B12 deficiency, despite the fact that levels of this vitamin have been at the level of 0, 3-0, 5 g. I think that for a person more important is the amount of B12, which is produced by the body from the inside, rather than bacteria B12 intake from food. Nature has provided like eating a small amount of dirt on unwashed fruits, vegetables and herbs!
Если человек питается по-вегану или по-сыроеду, ведет здоровый образ жизни, правильно сочетает сырые продукты в своём рационе, не переедает, то у него вряд ли будет нехватка B12. Здоровая микрофлора кишечника вполне обеспечит все потребности в этом микроорганизме.
Одной из причин нехватки B12 в организме человека является отсутствие достаточных количеств солнечного света, то есть факторов много. Если вы живёте в регионах, где на вас не попадает прямой солнечный свет, у вас может не хватать не только B12, но и других витаминов и микроэлементов. Тот факт, что в овощах и фруктах содержатся небольшие количества витамина B12, говорит мне только лишь о том, что его на самом деле нужно не так много, как об этом говорят быдло-врачи и владельцы пищевых корпораций. Кроме того, пища — не единственный источник полезных веществ для тела. Мы получаем достаточно много витаминов и полезных соединений из воды, почвы и воздуха.
Если у вас дефицит B12, то вам следует подумать об отказе от употребления мяса, животных продуктов, вам следует подумать о том, чтобы стать вегетарианцем, веганом, и, возможно, сыроедом (для оптимального и наилучшего здоровья). Не стоит поддаваться на провокации и развивать в себе фобии относительно вреда фруктов и овощей, продаваемых в супермакетах. Врачи советуют нам мыть овощи и фрукты, а также зелень, чтобы сделать их безопасными для организма, тогда как остатки почвы на плодах как раз таки и являются важным источником питательных веществ из почвы.


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