Cheat sheet on nutrition: Find out what polezno right for You

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If you want to rethink your diet, but do not know where to start and not ready for some mega-feats in this plan, this short cheat sheet for you. Here are just the basics, the key points about nutrition.

The cheat sheet is written so that it could understand any "uninitiated" reader, who is not yet ready to go into the details – and so many things here are exaggerated, simplified to an extreme degree, and if you are an "advanced user of Ayurveda and nutrition – take, please, with indulgence to the fact that all that is written here is how it is written. And "adult" language, we may talk further

Obviously, when the rhythm of life that we have, nothing is impossible to strictly follow all the rules and subtleties cannot at once take and change in their system of power. But there are some things that we can do. In this alphabet you will find some of these little things that will attract you and which you can implement in your life easily and quickly. And that's – that's GOOD! It is a start. And then – we will continue to move steadily, with feeling, with properly, with deliberation.

The three doshas

According to Ayurveda, in nature there are three doshas – roughly (very roughly), that's three factors that affect the health, three types of the device body, three types of Constitution.

Vata (wind) — supports the body in any movement. Controls the mind and senses, and excretion of waste substances from the body.

Pitta (bile) is responsible for digestion, heat, burning food and hematopoietic function.

Kapha (mucus) is responsible for lubrication and nourishment of the tissues, sexual function and mental poise.

Three types of food

Sunny: fruits and plants that grow higher than a meter away from the surface of the earth. They absorb maximum solar energy and the minimum energy of the earth. They contain the energy of the ether, which elevates the consciousness; one becomes quick and easy, improving his reaction.

Example: fruits, nuts, avocado, dates.

Earth: grow less than a meter away from the surface of the earth. Less energy from the sun. They absorb the force of the earth, contain more nutrients and are used for cleansing the body.

Example: legumes, cereals (rice, wheat, rye, etc.), green vegetables.

Underground: grow in the ground. Contain the earth's energy and indirect energy from the sun. Possess distinct medicinal and energetic properties, required by the body when performing heavy or difficult jobs.

Example: roots, root crops (potatoes, turnips, beets), garlic, ginger, onion.


The taste of food according to Ayurveda is considered to be one of the important factors of regulation of health. There are six basic flavors:

Sweet: it nourishes and gives strength, joy. While abuse causes the appearance of excess mucus, indigestion, frequent colds, obesity.

Sour: stimulates appetite and digestion, stimulates the mind, strengthens the flow of energy to internal organs. The abuse causes fevers, inflammation, pollution of blood.

Salt: thins mucus, strengthens the appetite, improves digestion. The abuse causes weakness, swelling, impotence, wrinkling of the skin, acidity, inflammatory processes.

Acute: promotes the absorption write, stimulates the internal organs, removes excess fluid, help the treatment of itching, gastritis, obesity. The abuse is disruptive to the seminal fluid, causes increased fatigue, loss of strength, thirst, muscle pain.

Bitter: stimulates the appetite, clears throat, sharpens the mind, beneficial for the skin. The abuse leads to headaches and fatigue.

Knitting soothes and cools, removes excess mucus, purifies the blood. The abuse leads to constipation, increased flatulence, chest pain, exhaustion, causes thirst.

Properties of food

The concept of the three gunas of yoga extends to food.

Products sattva: have a special ease of absorption qualities of air.

Example: most fruits and vegetables, especially from the category of sun and earth.

Products rajas: energy.

Example: most of the products from the category of underground, spices, spices and tonic herbs.

Products Tamas: have regressive properties give rise to inertia, a weakening of the body, often lead to gluttony, apathy, and laziness.

Example: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, alcohol, drugs.

Can I eat meat?

Leave aside the moral aspect of eating meat (Yogi Bhajan as a joke I formulated it so: "Vegetarians don't eat anything with a mother").

Here are some biological aspects:

  • Before the animal was scored, it felt a strong fear, the result was a powerful release of adrenaline (the fear hormone), which has no time to go anywhere, because the animal dies. This hormone in large quantity remains in the tissues (meat) of the animal, and we eat. Thus, we obtain the hormone of fear (hence the neurosis, aggression, fears of any order, unbalance)
  • The digestion of meat in blood is the maximum number of acids, including uric acid (urea). Blood with a high content of acidic compounds provides an ideal environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria and cells, including cancer. Contained in the blood uric acid poisons the whole body
  • Meat is a source of cholesterol, which is the main known causes of cardiovascular diseases and senile senility.
  • In modern conditions practically all animals are raised for meat, get a feed of various chemicals and hormones that accelerate growth, not all of which are excreted
  • Digestion and excretion of meat takes place over three days. For optimal health the process of digestion write should take the men no more than 24 hours, women — not more than 18 hours
  • The digestive tract of a tiger or other predatory animal is very short, and the meat is excreted faster than it begins to decompose. Human digestive tract is 12 meters. Meat has time to carefully go bad within us. If you are concerned that you will not have enough power — think of the elephant — big, strong animal that feeds only on grass

  • In addition to the fear she feels, dying a painful death, it begins to decompose too quickly, if not instantly put in water or ice (think of whether it is done at the catch of fish in industrial scale. Remember the smell in the port)
  • Even after you've eaten it, the fish continued to demand water — remember how thirsty after eat fish. Eating fish leads to dehydration (loose skin on upper arms — a common "Hello" from fish). Then you have to drink more water and give an unnecessary burden on the kidneys.

  • Besides the fact that it is the germ of the future chicken, eggs, huge cholesterol
  • Today, eggs sold in stores is a collection of chemicals. Rooster in egg production was not involved.
In addition, meat and fish are a "dead" energy, the energy of death, that is, the body does not get "life", but only spends power on the digestion of these products.

Foods that should be avoided

White sugar: prevents the absorption of b vitamins Adversely affects the nervous system, causes stress, can cause heart ailments.

The salt prevents the absorption of calcium, stimulates the production of adrenaline, causing chronic fatigue, high blood pressure; causes of high stomach acidity, as well as fluid retention and compression of the heart muscle.

Nicotine: prevents the absorption of vitamin C and iron. White bread: has a low content of nutrients, in particular vitamins of group B.

Alcohol causes intoxication and also overload the liver, causing the overall stress of the body and addictive. Not excreted from the body in the fullest extent EVER. Deposited in separate areas of the brain, and in moments of stress or pleasure (for example, if you orgasm) is released into the bloodstream. So do not be surprised if you have a sick child is born, despite the fact that you were sober at the time of conception — what you drinking on the day of the conception or the week before, does not mean that you are not poisoned her child long before.

Caffeine: affects the coordination of movements, memory, perception; causing stress to the heart muscle; increases cholesterol levels; irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach; prevents the digestion; disrupts sleep. Depletes the supply of prana.

Chocolate: contains caffeine and theobromine, which is addictive (drug addiction). If you are in need of comfort and solace, try to talk with your soul — this is the best chocolate substitute.

Tips for healthy digestion

1. Eat to live, not live to eat.

2. Try not to cococnut between meals and do not overeat.

3. Eat only when hungry. Try to observe a certain diet (i.e. eat around the same time).

4. Cook food with love and awareness. Do not be distracted while cooking on TV, phone, etc.

5. Eat cooked only write in a pleasant, calming environment.

6. Serve in a beautiful design.

7. before you start eating, you have to understand its appearance and smell — this will give the appropriate signals to the brain, and the body will begin to produce the necessary enzymes in advance, not after you savjete stomach and can feel the weight

8. Take a few seconds to thank you for giving food before or after a meal. Not necessarily to pray or some special ritual, if you don't want to show their philosophical preferences (e.g., eating in a public place) – just a couple of seconds delay look at the food, mentally thank for giving food and wish everyone else present at the table, Bon appetit.

9. chew your food well. The stomach has no teeth! Otherwise the food will not assimilate and will be withdrawn almost intact — the extra work for the body and lack of energy you have.

10.Get up from the table, filling the stomach only 3/4 full.

11.Take your time and eat consciously. Do not throw food into the stomach as the coal in the furnace. Think about the food at the time of the meal. Try not to talk while eating, or at least not to participate in a lively conversation.

12.experience the joy of eating, think about how many nutrients have entered your body this food, how much effort and energy you will receive to realize their life goals.

13.Do NOT SCOLD the FOOD they EAT (not tasty, not dosolenny, etc.)

14. do not jump out from the table immediately after eating. Dogbite, feel like food settled in the stomach, feel the pleasure of what you eat, then get up.

15. Relax after a meal. If you can't take a relaxing 10-minute stroll – even just sitting quietly for a few moments, do not jump out from the table and do not proceed to the "immediate fiddling with the intergalactic problems," even on the phone.

16.Don't eat later than 2 hours before bedtime (preferably after sunset).

17.Eat only the food which your body digests for 18-24 hours.

18.If your stomach or intestines can not cope with some foods, just don't eat it.

19.get rid of the habit of eating chemicals (at least — any "long-playing" products, "with a taste of something and this", sausages, mayonnaise, ketchup, chips, "homogenized vitamin" (including "fortified" dairy products, yogurt), fruits and vegetables "out of season" imported from other countries (they are easily distinguished by the plastic taste).

Remember that You quite deserve to have a living and healthy food.

20.Once a week to arrange fasting day.

Healthy foods

Watermelon. Cleanses the liver and intestines, gives energy, relieves excess gas (combined ground black pepper).

Bananas. Source of vitamins C, D, CA, K, si, Mg. A high content of fructose. Relieve irritation of mucous membranes. Good to eat together with the inner fibers of the skin. For diarrhea: 1 banana every 3 hours. For constipation: 3 bananas every hour. The strongest antidepressant. 1 banana fully meets the daily requirement of potassium.

Legumes (beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils). In combination with cereals form the basis of easily digestible, protein-rich vegetarian diet.

Broccoli — digestible protein prevents the formation of papillomas, cancer.

Grapes. Source of vitamin C, and MP, R. Promotes hematopoietic function. Laxative. Source of energy; useful for the complexion.

Ghee (clarified butter). Has a low content of cholesterol. Contains a nourishing and strengthening substance. Pure protein (essential for vegetarians).

Pears — the fountain of youth

Green (lettuce) mustard. A rich source of vitamins C, A, and Sa chlorophyll. Very useful for overall health.

Green vegetables are. Source of vitamins A, C, complex, R CA, mg, Re, si, chlorophyll.

Ginger. Contains nutrients necessary for the nutrition of the nervous system. Heals many diseases. Immunomodulant.

Yogi-tea. Mild stimulant. Helps to restore the nervous system, including disrupted as a result of drug use. A tonic for the nervous system. Cleanse the liver.

Yogurt. Source of vitamin B12. Useful for skin, intestinal flora. Serve as a natural means to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract.

Coconut. Source of vitamins b, C and minerals. Serves as a building material for muscles. Helps to gain weight. Easy to digest. Contains a complete set of necessary proteins.

A sesame seed. Helps to normalize the potency. Is used for mental and physical rejuvenation. Good for the brain and nervous system. Source of lecithin.

Turmeric. A source of lubricant for the joints. Useful for skin and mucous membranes. To cook you should always immediately before meals or thoroughly mix with the yogurt. To improve the taste you can add honey.

Lecithin. Promotes the conduction of nerve impulses. Promotes mental functions in General.

Lemons. Source of vitamin C, as well as Sa. To purify the blood. Refer to an alkaline food. Useful for sore throat, with fever, with an excess of mucus.

Bow. Has healing properties. It purifies the blood. Kills bacteria.

Mango. Promotes functioning of the liver, indicated for menstrual disorders. The acidity of the mango is easy to compensate for milk.

Honey and pollen (in moderate doses). Promote digestion and absorption and retention of calcium.

Almonds. Source of vitamins b and C, Re, R, Sa, K, has a high protein content. Almond oil is used both for internal and external use. Almond milk is an excellent food for babies.

Parsley. Helps to eliminate the smell of onions and garlic. Promotes hematopoietic function.

Wheat grains. Cooked till soft whole wheat grains are used to cleanse the digestive tract, to strengthen the teeth and gums. Useful for the skin.

Rice (white, brown "basmati"). A source of vitamin b, iodine, high quality protein. Easy to digest. Stimulates the kidneys.

Beet. Cleanses the liver, intestines, and regulates blood sugar.

Celery. Calms the nervous system. Celery juice calms the nerves, used for internal cleansing.

The sunflower seed. Source of vitamins E, b (especially B12).

Figs. Laxative. Provide instant influx of energy. Milk drink of figs (see Recipes) — nourishing and anti-aging agent.

Black pepper. Freshly ground black pepper purifies the blood. Promotes digestion. Prevents the excessive formation of gas. Brewed tea: helps with arthritis and asthma.

Garlic. A natural antibiotic, aphrodisiac. Stimulates sexual function.

Chile. Red pepper (Cayenne, jalapeno). Source of vitamins C, and A. Promotes the circulatory system and the digestive tract.

Apples. Cleaning agent for the blood and the whole organism. Source of vitamins b and C, and iron. In the first half of the day give strength. In the second half of the day to promote digestion.

Useful products for men

Ghee, garlic, onion. The seminal secretion.

Nutmeg. Lowers blood pressure. The remedy of impotence and premature ejaculation.

Peaches, plums, pineapples, pear, papaya, persimmon. Support potency.

The juice of a Banyan tree with milk. Regulates sexual function.

Figs (figs). Eliminate sexual and nervous disorders.

Pistachios. Health, vitality.

Saffron. Useful for skin, hair. A remedy for aging and senility. Health and vitality.

Healthy foods for women

Eggplant. Restore power. Help when violations of the cycle. Potency. The source of iron. Purification.

Melon gives a woman strength for the whole week

Pungent green pepper. Vitamin C. Eliminates bad breath during menstruation. Prevents constipation.

Ginger. Helps with menstrual cramps.

Yogurt. Normalize the digestive tract. Can be used for douching.

Sesame oil. Regulates the menstrual cycle.

Turmeric. Remedy for digestive and reproductive organs.

Mango. Eliminates the irregularity of the cycle. Pickled mango is a strong aphrodisiac.

Unrefined almond oil. Recommended to anyone after 28 years. Burns fat eliminates toxins. Good for the skin. Is rich in protein.

Molasses rice bran. B vitamins

Wheat grains. Serve to cleanse the digestive tract. Rich in nutrients.

In preparing the articles used, including the materials of the book by Yogi Bhajan and Singh Gurucharan Khalsa "Practices of Aquarius"



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