9 convincing reasons life in a tropical Paradise is a bad idea

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Life on the island in the Caribbean or Southeast Asia may seem like Paradise. To be surrounded by jungle on the hills and fabulous beaches — sounds like a dream...

Wake up, drink a Cup of coffee on the beach, eat fresh fruit from the trees that grow in his yard... to Walk on the beach, swim, relax... It's Paradise! Here it is, your dream, isn't it?

Amanda Wilkins — freelance writer and blogger. For years she lived in the Caribbean, and a few years in Asia. And she saw the reverse side of the "Paradise" of life.

Here are 9 reasons why she believes that life in a tropical Paradise is more like hell than heaven. And why you should forget about the idea of spending life on the beach.

1. The heat can be unbearable

Of course, you know that in tropical countries it's always warm — in winter and summer. That's good. But have you thought about humidity? About the mold, which never disappears from your life? About your hair?

You will never be able to make a normal hairstyle. You really learn a lot about the smell of his sweat. And most importantly: there is no way to prepare your body, growing up in the mid-latitudes, to the endless onslaught of summer heat in the Caribbean.

2. Error. And another mistake

If you are going to spend a few years where there is no winter, you should also think about the dangers that await you everywhere. The locals are used to them, but you will not be able to suppress this fear never.

You can kill a million species of local mosquitoes, you know? There is live sand fleas, giant cockroaches, spiders, and a Horde of ants. Keep in mind that any careless step outside the hotel and the Central city streets can cause very serious problems.

And Tarantulas! They're everywhere!

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3. In poor countries there is no conventional infrastructure

The potholes on the roads the size of a Large Canyon. Erratic supply of electricity. Slow Internet... the list is endless.

Let's not even discuss what legal, judicial and financial issues you have to deal with, if you move to a tropical Paradise to relocate. Well, you know about the universal for the tropics slowness? Sex life you'll spend in queues, and solving such trivial matters, such as cashing a check or exchanging currency.

4. Island life is life in the village

All know each other. If you have never lived in the village, be careful. The island is a small community with small settlements. From the local people there from each other any secrets.

So sooner or later you will become the object of the propagation constant lies and gossip. Your entire social circle will turn into a community of losers and downshifters. You will be able to gain long-term friendly relations only with those people who also moved to the tropics to relocate. 90% of people — those with whom you've never spoken at home.

5. Buying things — a real meal

Even a simple trip to the grocery store in a poor tropical country can turn into hell. Sometimes you will have to pay an exorbitant Commission to buy what is "in deficit", and at Home — routine.

In General, if you like to enjoy shopping, Cambodian or Guatemalan beaches is definitely not for you.

6. Stray cats and dogs

On the Islands is usually a serious problem with stray animals. No doubt that they will constantly appear on the road to beg your food in restaurants, to relieve themselves near the place where lay your towel — or right on it!

Sometimes stray animals will be miserable, sometimes fearful, and sometimes aggressive. And believe me, it can be a real problem.

7. Tourists. Tourists are everywhere!

They are here always, many of them, and they take up all your favorite beaches and places in your favorite bars. They ask stupid (and same) questions are almost always inappropriate.

They can afford it: because they will soon return home and begin again to live a "normal" life. But not you.

8. Hurricanes

The hurricane season for the Caribbean sea is not a joke. And destruction can be quite serious. They caused very serious damage for local homeowners and businessmen.

Every summer in the Caribbean all businessmen live with bated breath. Any tropical storm can become a very serious problem. For example, when you are ready to work hard, because of the strong wind you have lost electricity and Internet.

And another thing: if suddenly the local quickly escape to the beach in their premises, do not pretend that you are smarter than them. Run along with them!

9. Island life is life in complete isolation

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People living in "large" countries are not constrained in the environment. You can take the car and drive in any direction a few hundred kilometers. I have no such possibility.

Opportunities for cultural or simply eventful life here is not in sight. The more you live here, the more depressing and monotonous it will seem. You feel trapped in a cage. If you are locked away from the rest of the world.

Of course, you will cease to follow the news from the homeland. You have nothing to discuss with colleagues via Skype. You will not have the latest iPhone. You will not be able to go to the cinema for the premiere of a new blockbuster. All your friends back home will be watching the new super-series, and you won't even know that it exists!

You will forget about everything — not only about what bothers you. You will get tired of the beautiful landscapes that are so loved before. You unbearably want to go home.

So just take a vacation. And then come back.

Author: Konstantin Shiyan

Source: lifter.com.ua/post/626


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