13 good reasons why you should buy a dwarf donkey ... you can not argue!

Forget about kitties and doggies. Yes, that's very nice, but, truth to say, boring. I know what you need - a dwarf donkey! This is a very nice and friendly animals - it is better not to find a pet! Unconvincing? Wait a minute, the team Ofigenno.cc have something for you that is very interesting.

Yes, maybe you need more time to care for these animals, the donkey will take up much more space than any other pet, but believe me: all this will be repaid a hundred times - it will give you twice as much positive than ordinary pet. < br />
This 13 compelling reasons why you should start a dwarf donkey now. I, please, five of these!

1. The size of the dwarf donkey, not more than three years of the baby. B>

2. Just imagine how this adorable jumps on your garden! B>

3. Donkeys love to snuggle. B>

4. Are not they a cutie?! B>

5. They do not create a lot of noise. B>

6. But sometimes they can be plenty of play! B>

7. They have very funny ears. B>

8. They practically omnivorous. You do not have to bother about what edakogo cook it today. B>

9. They love to have a chat with the palm of your hand. B>

10. They are well find a common language with the children ...

11. ... as well as other pets.

12. They come in different breeds and colors. B>

13. And yet these very myagenkie donkeys and fluffy! B>

A whole bunch of convincing arguments in favor of dwarf donkeys! Personally, I think seriously about how to buy yourself this. Your friends will not be able to pass these nyashek. Share with your mates this touching selection.

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