Once a father with his son and a donkey in the midday heat traveled through the dusty streets.

Father sat on a donkey, and his son led him by the bridle.
- Poor boy - said the passer-by, his little feet barely keeping pace with the donkey. As you can lazily sit on a donkey, when you see that boy completely exhausted?

The father took his words to heart. When they turned the corner, he climbed down from the donkey and told the son to sit on it.

Very soon, they met another man. In a loud voice he said:

- How embarrassing! Small sitting on a donkey, as the sultan and his poor old father ran track!

The boy is very upset by these words and asked his father to sit on the donkey behind him.

- Good people, I see where you're anything like this? - The woman wailed. - So torturing an animal! The poor donkey had sagged Ridge, and the old and the young loafers sit on it, as if he couch! About miserable creature!

Not saying a word, the father and son, the shame of the woman,
We got off the donkey. As soon as they have made a few steps, on the way he met a man who became a taunt them:

- What's your ass doing nothing? No benefit - not even lucky someone of you imagine?

Father put his donkey a handful of straw and put his hand on the shoulder of his son:

- What would we do, - he said, be sure to find someone who will be with us disagree. I think we should decide for themselves how to live.


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