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One day a young man came to the sage and asked:
- Teach me to be wise. Say that for this to be done?

But the sage did not answer him. For several days the young man went hard for the sage, repeating his question.

One wise man beckoned the young man to follow him, led him to the river and started to a sufficient depth. Grabbing her shoulders, he plunged into the water boy and a while kept under water, not paying attention to his desperate attempts to free himself.

Finally sage dismissed the young man, and when he caught his breath, he asked:

- My son, when you were under water, what you wanted more than anything else?

- Air! Only the air! - Said the young man without hesitation.

- And do not you wish that at the time of wealth, pleasure, power? Or, perhaps, love a woman?

- No, my lord, I longed only air and thought only of the air.

- So, - said the sage, - to become wise, you have as much crave God as just craved air. You should seek God, refusing all other life goals. If you're going to seek Him with such zeal, my son, you will certainly become wise.


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