Family horror

Saturday morning. So you want to soak up, podryhnut longer. Average in general business. All probably passed.
That lazy young couple in bed in a legal holiday. And suddenly - "Friday the 13th" and "Elm Street" in one bottle - beloved daughter, three godochkov old, appears next to the bed covered in krovische.Ruki face - just flows. Parents adrenaline rolls over, grabbed my daughter, do not know where to go, what to do. When suddenly - what a smell so sharp? And it turns out, the only chadushko and daubed themselves precious mother's nail polish. The first make-up, so to speak. Young vizazhistka. While parents relax, she got to her mother's treasures and started for the sacrament. First on the fingers poured. The same little hands went through the face.
Washed baby noon. But were happy beyond measure. Lord, intact malyshechka!


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