Horror «Dementium II» is in no hurry to see the light

A month ago it was announced that an exclusive for the DS game in the horror genre, called Dementium II will be available from March 2010. And «SouthPeak Games» issued a new piece of information. According to the publishers, March did not release month Dementium II, and it was decided to move the release date another month. That is, we now expect output horror in April of this year.

Experts explain such a declaration desire «SouthPeak Games» show better results in financial terms, 2010. Dementium II - in fact, continues its predecessor, and the first is the familiar "shooter" in the first person with elements of horror. The story begins in prison, where inexplicably falls Redmur William (William Redmoor). He has terrible headache from his injuries, and roam the corridors of the prison monsters ...


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