New games of summer 2013! What to play?

This summer we are waiting for a lot of pleasant surprises from the developers and publishers. Moreover, without any particular bias. Games are different genres and from different publishers. In general, summer 2013 will be hot not only in terms of temperature.

By the way, in June 2013, will be remembered not only for certain high-profile release, but E3, where it will be just the dominance of all kinds of information about consoles, games and everything connected with them. However, we digress slightly. So back to the main theme of the material. Succeeding in the summer of 2013, new games wallow in abundance. We have tried to choose only potential hits. You the eight most anticipated games of the summer. Let's start in chronological order.

Remember Me

June 4 in North America and three days later in Europe, will be stealth-action adventure «Remember Me», which worked on the development of the studio «Dontnod Entertainment».

We went to Paris in 2084, the year in which a girl named Nilin trying to regain his memory, although more recently selected the memory of others. Pablisher «Capcom» in their press release promises mystery and intrigue bright melee fights. «Remember Me» will only be in the "single».

The Last Of Us

The next release will be of interest to fans of shooters and action adventure genre survival horror. We are talking about the game «The Last Of Us», which will be distributed in Russia under the name "One of us."

The developers of «Naughty Dog» did their best by creating another post-apocalyptic world where the main enemies of mankind are the people themselves. Limited resources is fierce confrontation of food and ammunition. The main characters - a man named Joel and Ellie girl. That with them you will have to travel across the United States. More precisely, the place where the country was. Pablisher «Sony Computer Entertainment» planned to release «The Last Of Us» on June 14, 2013.

Company of Heroes 2

More than a year has passed since the announcement of real-time strategy «Company of Heroes 2" and up to the release have less than a month. June 25, 2013 Publisher «SEGA» will release a new RTS, which went bankrupt after the company THQ.

Players will go to the Second World War, and to become parties to the fighting on the Eastern Front. In fact, the developers of «Relic Entertainment» offered ourselves to win the Great Patriotic War. Using the new engine significantly raise the questions of fans strategies in the future. Excellent graphics and advanced gameplay - the main advantages of the future CoH2.


One of the most interesting releases of June can be called action «Deadpool», created based on the comic book of the «Marvel». Actually, the video game publisher will be the company «Activision».

Mouthy mercenary Deadpool, though is the anti-hero, is very popular among fans of the comic. In addition to the main character of action, the developers of «High Moon Studios» promised us a meeting with Wolverine, Psylocke and Domino. Passage of the next level will give Deadpool new combos. Ability to change the available cold and firearms, teleportation, regeneration - just a small list of all the virtues of a hero. The release will take place on June 25, 2013.

Saints Row IV

Action adventure «Saints Row IV» is only partly connected with the third game of the series. But his designs are still an American company «Volition». So, it continued to be interesting. The presence of partial open-world action game will make even more fun.

The leader of the "Third Street Saints" reaches a pinnacle of power by becoming president of the United States. Plans changed dramatically when, after an alien invasion, the group in full is imprisoned in a virtual metropolis Stillport. With superhuman, you have to fight with alien scum. In North America, the publisher of «Deep Silver» release «Saints Row IV» August 20, 2013. And three days later in Europe.

The Bureau XCOM Declassified

One of the most long-running series, under the title «XCOM», in the summer of 2013 will receive a new sequel. More recently, the name of the game was held in strict confidence by the publisher «2K Games» and developer «2K Marin». We expect tremendous change.

For the first time in the history of the series, the game «The Bureau XCOM Declassified» is in the genre of third-person shooter. According to the «2K Marin», the new release will be a fresh look at a very different perspective, on what is happening in the fictional universe. 60s of last century, the United States. William Carter will understand the reasons for the appearance of the aliens and learn to resist them. Exit «The Bureau XCOM Declassified» will take place on August 20, 2013.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

On the same day, August 20th of this year, gamers will be waiting for another surprise in the form of stealth action «Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist» from the company «Ubisoft». The sixth game of the series will offer us stop the endless hide Sam Fisher and start a war openly.

Sam can now be applied even to coordinate and airstrikes. If you are too accustomed to stealth mode - everything is still in force. The main protagonist of the game will create a new unit to fight terrorism, at the express request of the President. Carte blanche actions and no limits.

Lost Planet 3

The last game of our list becomes shooter «Lost Planet 3 ', which pablisher« Capcom »release published on the penultimate day of the coming summer. The plot is a third-person shooter will take us back to the past. In the days before the events of the first away game of the series.

The protagonist Jim arrives on planet EDN III searching minerals. However, the colonizers have some other plans. Jack will have to figure out what is the secret, and at the same time to try your luck to grab the tail, for the welfare of his own family, left their native land. Pure shooter will not be, as the developers of «Spark Unlimited» added to the game elements of role-playing games. Familiar gameplay restrictions lifted and now the players will not be limited to one location. Long live the freedom of movement! Jack's main opponents are locusts, whose size can vary from small fry to the Giants. Yes, and no armed furs. Times are still not the same. At your disposal will be only the bellows-Riga created exclusively for the development of mineral resources.

Such games seemed to us the most interesting upcoming summer of 2013. Play and win!


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