Indie Games 2013

This rating is conditional, because the end of the year more than three months. Nevertheless, we decided to make for you a small selection of the most interesting indie projects, the release of which will take place in the near future.

«Path of Exile»

Let's start with the free «Path of Exile», made in the genre of action / RPG, which is engaged in the development studio «Grinding Gear Games». Currently the game is in beta. Gloomy fantasy certainly will appeal to fans of the franchise Diablo. Release on Windows. Provisional release date - October 23, 2013.

«Lifeless Planet»

World lifeless planet in the indie game «Lifeless Planet», from the developers of «Stage 2 Studios», will please fans of space subjects and science fiction. Study the race between the USSR and the United States is in full swing. A lone astronaut is on a desert planet, which had already "charter" cosmonauts, but the planet is actually lifeless. All stations are empty. Release Dates «Lifeless Planet» yet. Game of the genre of adventure is under test. (Windows and Mac).

«Among the Sleep»

Title «Among the Sleep» - survayval horror from the studio «Krillbite Studio». You have to play on behalf of two-year child, who is looking for his favorite toy - a teddy bear. Since September, first launched the alpha test the game. Developers of indie games promise to release «Among the Sleep» until the end of the current year (Windows, OS X, Linux).

«Dead State»

Another zombie apocalypse awaits gamers in the indie RPG from the studio «DoubleBear Productions», called «Dead State». Gather under the banners of surviving for them to stay alive. Full set: strengthening, finding provisions, transactions, and all for the sake of life. The release on the PC (Windows) is planned in the last month of the current year.


The next indie game in the genre of action-adventure from the studio «Wolfire Games». It is called «Overgrowth» and executed by a third party. Developers are renowned for their games, allows you to easily control your character, carrying a huge amount of different tricks. Welcome to a world where wolves and rabbits can even cause you to a fatal blow. Currently the game is still being tested. The release date is limited to the current year (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

«Project Zomboid»

Again in our present ranking zombies. Again apocalypse. RPG genre horror survayval «Project Zomboid» by indie studio «The Indie Stone». Dimensional game does not make it something boring. Through an open and changing world of advanced manufacturing system objects, you will not be bored. By the way, this game you will never pass through. In any case, the ending is sad - the hero dies. Release, as in the previous game, held this year. But when - unknown (Windows, Mac, Linux).


Horror first person «Routine» developing «Lunar Software» project and are quite capable of becoming one of the most exciting indie games of 2013. The game's plot is developed on an abandoned lunar base. The players have to gather all the necessary information to understand where all the people are gone. Nor any kits and piles of lives. There are no safe places. You will have all the time to move and hide. Release «Routine» in the next couple of months (Windows).


The emergence of indie project «StarForge» Many dubbed hybrid Minecraft and Crysis. This game is about survival on a hostile planet. You have to gather resources, build a base, to explore and develop. In general, anything that will help you stay alive. Testing continues, and it can turn on anyone. «StarForge» will be released this year for Windows and Mac, and the latest version for Linux.

«The Moonlighters»

«The Moonlighters» - indie project about a robbery in the middle of the last century. Just before the publication of the developers officially announced that the release is transferred at the beginning of 2014. However, we will leave the game and the rating. Not surprisingly, developers «Rad Dragon» only five and they operate soundly. Lack of time - the lack of extra hands. According to the announcement, the game will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux. Later, developers think about porting to the console.

«Under the Ocean»

The last and the rating will be survayval sandbox called «Under the Ocean». Trio developers lone man doomed to solitude in the midst of a deserted island. He knows a lot of things to do. Grizzlies Paul is not without humor, so survival will be fun and easy. The game is in the testing phase. The release is assigned to the ending of 2013 (Windows and Mac).

These indie games we thought the most interesting. We look forward to your personal opinion.


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