Family energobit: the vampire and the donor is under one roof

Family energotamir deserve a separate discussion. Family vampirism, the situation is much more complicated and sometimes tragic. After the usual recommendations to protect in this case is not applicable. In a closed energy system (family egregor), which represents the family, with nowhere to hide, you cannot hide your eyes and avoid touching or proximity.


Won't help and a good imagination. Husband or wife and especially the child you can't just rinse with cold or alienating. Against mother, father, mothers-in-law won't read the plots, even of white magic — the family is a certain amount (equal to the number of its members) communicating energosistem (family egregor), so your protective mirror sooner or later "dig" their shrapnel in you, or someone with the weakest of your loved ones. Because of that, in cases of family vampirism so many tragic outcomes (suicides, long-lasting, severe unexplained illnesses, early or painful death), because the most decisive step — relationship was also not always possible.
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However, spousal divorce it is not so simple. Even after the separation between you is still very long time will remain energetic connection, fueled by your memories of love and life together. If you have children, this relationship could break much much harder (even if you'll never see your wife and will not allow the child to communicate with his father) at least simply because children inherit traits of both parents (family egregor). And happens and so that in your fragile marital field invades one of your (or your) parents'. Very often such an active parent deprives you of energy and you and your partner, and your children — their grandchildren. Sometimes directly — just eating, eating, "like rust iron", daughter-in-law or son-in-law, forcing them to save his life fled without looking back, especially if older and younger generations are forced to live in the same apartment. And sometimes indirectly — it is simply someone "exhausting" demands attention, complaints and criticisms, nagging and complaints so that forces in your family the victim completely still. In a family with disturbed, unstable General aura quarrels, irritation over trifles, resentment at lack of attention, accusations of lack of love, showdown — thus partly recovering the energy balance of your energy system (in that case, if you do not understand what is happening and not taking the necessary measures of harmonization). This is especially painful if the couple without interference (or even in his presence, but later, when your energy body would be strengthened) could live happily ever after — soul to soul.One of the most common reasons for divorce — adultery — in most cases, is a consequence of energy vampirism husband or wife. At the beginning of a life together at the peak of love, a young couple "vampire donor" couldn't live without each other (a pair of "vampire, vampire" extremely short-lived — they are not able to create a unified energy system (family egregor) since each is oriented to the outside, or, as B. Zakhoder: "Ogre Ogre invites you to dinner," the weakest will become a donor). Everything was good — constant communication provided sufficient nourishment for the partner of a vampire. In General family field, he always felt good, because energy is constantly updated at the expense of the spouse. However, the need of social life and the realization, of course, forcing spouses sooner or later, to leave (either both or one of them works). When the vampire has to be separated from his half, even briefly, he gradually begins to feel a shortage of vitality. This powerlessness vampire tries to fill by half, provoking quarrels and scandals during these "scenes" is a new division of the energy field, and now at parting spouses don't carry half of the total energy supply, and unequal parts. The lion's share goes to the vampire, and the other spouse earns livelihood as he could.The spouse of the donor loses health and strength before our eyes. But for energosistema half of it is almost a tragedy from a sick, weak man does not get enough power. Of course, you can "snack" on the side, there is fresh and varied. However, such "external" communication, though numerous but short-lived — the vampire-traitor is always striving to return to the home power source. After all, he himself, and quite frankly, once swore to you that "all this is nonsense, and I love only you alone. Only with you I feel really good." And moreover, not truthfully — because restaurant meals like delicious and varied, but home, home food cooked with love and care for him, much tastier and more nutritious. The husband is the donor really is the most energy-diet food.
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Squeezed "dry" donor, experiencing much pain, resentment, jealousy, increasingly weakening, wasting away, in pain, until he dies (he's in literally no longer able to live) or will not learn to replenish your vitality. Sometimes a donor starts to seek the power "on the side" — in this case, he, "the chain" becomes a vampire towards his lover. So here is a bad family energobit. We considered not the whole range of a family's energy problems. Because, as you wrote L. N. Tolstoy, "each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way". Are any of these situations the solution? Could something to help in such cases? Yeah. Cans! Of course, there is a solution! And he, oddly enough, is the same for all dysfunctional family situations — it is universal. However, you will need a lot of strength, patience, love, and desire — desire to be healthy and happy. The essence of this protective method is enclosed in one of the Christian commandments: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Yes, of course, you all heard that a few times. Nevertheless, it is the only proven method to survive in a family with a vampire.
  • Love yourself, take care of yourself their physical and psychological health, about your appearance. Learn how to get yourself a pleasure — from its uniqueness and originality. Gaining new experiences, absorb spilled in the surrounding world the energy of joy of life.
  • Grow spiritually — pure light power of nature, faith, love will help you to restore its protective shell, to stock, to accumulate the energy to give it — not at the expense of his own life. Feel the pulsation of the outside world "skin" feel, giving you get from the Universe new strength, refreshed, younger, body and spirit.

Then your vampires-parasites will be extremely comfortable with you and you with them safely. (By the way, the vampire family to which the donor is strong enough, it can live happily ever after, in love, joy and harmony.)

  But it is, so to say, the program maximum. And here are a few practical recommendations.
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  1. To help your loved ones — energominimum often offer them such conditions in which they can be recharged with energy not only for his vampire TV:
  • take them on nature,
  • in the country,
  • into the forest,
  • when traveling in new places.
  2. Will put in your house plants energy donors that will feed you and your home a vampire. These include:
  • potted geranium,
  • ficus,
  • amaryllis,
  • primrose,
  • cyclamen,
  • azalea,
  • rosemary,
  • many vines.
    3. Transform your family life from "like a cat with a dog"... "cat and dog". Yes, it is along — the cat absorbs negative energy, and the dog gives a positive energy. If the patient is a family member unknowingly pulls the rest of the energy, give him strength because he really is not enough. And look at this from the other side — the positive moment of life together is that, if you bad, your family will automatically supply energy to you (by the way, in mammals it is recorded in genetic memory). 4. If your spouse, child, one parent is sorely lacking attention and it "treacherous" encroaching on it, it is "it is easier to pay a couple of minutes than half an hour to beat»: focus on the beating of your heart, awaken to love, "warm" it up and send it capricious and demanding family vampire very sincere — sincerely — a mental wish: "I love you and want you to be okay." Helps checked! And not only him but also you, your own irritation and anger disappear. 5. Learn to say a firm "Yes», instead go to the bones, but not to compromise their principles to the last drop of blood. Try to stand on the point of view of attacking the enemy, look at the situation through his eyes, imagine that you are arguing with a small child, with a light heart and tell the vampire "Yes," quietly, forcefully and convincingly. And (less convincingly): "I think you're wrong." Think of the nagging and provocation with a pinch of irony and condescension, but friendly — even if your dispute is born true she still become a victim. Pity the poor truth. 6. Learn to say "no" so, not to leave the other person-provocateur possible to suspect a different interpretation of the word "no" should be pronounced as harder, loud and totally without emotion — it's just a statement of fact, not a prelude to the scandal. And try not to feel guilt or embarrassment, lowering his eyes and fingering the folds of clothing. Straighten your shoulders, breathe deeply! You are right, and your "no" — your life and freedom!
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  7. Learn to forgive and get rid of resentment and bad thoughts and feelings. Imagine that you have in your hands the thread from the balloon, and he hovers over your head. Inside your pain, suffering, despair, resentment, obsessive thoughts... Tell him mentally: "I'm letting you go free. Fly away from my soul, my heart, my mind. Come and set me free, I release you". And with these words, release the fingers and... now he slowly flies away from you and gradually dissolves in the blue of the heaven — farewell. Also interesting: Men-vampires Busily Sufferer: Trouble-Free. Smart. Talented. Vampire And more: do not become slaves of life — better than the unwashed floor and good humor than the sterile and blank depression. You're going to do fine, but... when you feel like it, three times faster and with pleasure.published by P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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