Unfinished business before the divorce will bring

Powered fellow sales representative in a small firm. Tries. Wants to grow. And assign them to a new director. Young girl. Blonde. Typical. And, in addition to their regular duties, he still performs its duties and personal driver. The wife of a young man glances at it disapprovingly. Podrevnovyvaet.
And somehow the director asks Mademoiselle call to her home to pick up the documents. Buddy comes. And the girl, at the exit, hands him a bag of garbage - say, throw, if not difficult. Trash can nearby. Besides, of course, not difficult. He takes the papers and the trash and stomps out. A container for a waste or not. He walked along the house to and fro. Nope! Do not walk around the same area. And he came back to the end of the house. There bushes. Thick. Carefully put the package. Yes, and drove myself for.
And that evening. Young man in bed with his wife. The phone rings. Wife tenses - who? The boy shows monitorchika - "director". What he feared. Includes speakerphone. And out of the tube goes wild op:
-You What, bastard done? I asked you to do that? Throw garbage? And you?
It turns out that the dog pack found gutted and spread the contents all over the yard. And there were in the package mainly personal hygiene items and belishko.
The wife of the young man's eyes are like a lemur, and she does not want to completely believe that any relationship he had with the director not. Imposed debris - a very strong argument.
Long it non-existent guilt licking. But there is a magic bullet - shopping. He heals many wounds.


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