Extra parts car

Muzhichek works as a taxi driver. Kripen'ka such. Hilarious. Rock fans.
And somehow come to order to expensive restaurants. It turns out the passenger. Wow this. Well, pretend, of course, as it should. Blonde. Sits in the car. A kid spring mood, good. Marilyn Manson sounds again.
Touch them from the restaurant. On the street the day. The traffic is very dense. Decoupling ahead rather complicated.
And then the girl pulled out a lipstick, without further ado reverses to his rearview mirror and starts the process. Duck company restores. Muzhichek not even know what she skmazat. Several times stunned looks from a passenger on the mirror and back. Going with the thoughts. Taken out of the human brain at one stroke.
Maid noticed an increased activity of the cervical driver turned:
-What's Wrong?
-Eee ... In fact, this rear-view mirror.
-so What? I have it also in the car there. I do not look at him.
What was the answer? Was a taxi driver one friend that rotates as follows:
1.Pereklyuchatel switches
2.Devushka counts to three
3.Devushka turns without looking at whether there is an obstacle if there is. She counted. All are free.
He is naive, thought that his friend is unique. Yup. You live - and the entire century blondes enough.


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