How to recognize when buying a rebuilt broken car

Meanwhile, during the operation of the car, anyway, is suffering due to weather conditions, washing, travel to the country or traveling on the highway. Experienced motorist should alert the ideal state of the car body, after several years of use. Perhaps for the ideal shape for the brilliance and brightness of color, hiding a real centaur - half cooked different cars.
Initial inspection
Perform initial inspection of the car need only in good light, best outdoors in sunlight - it will be easier to consider the quality of the painting and notice the obvious flaws. Of course, should be required to inspect only the clean car, under a thin layer of dust can hide serious shortcomings. Do not forget to inspect the car from all sides, in fact could be broken, even the roof. Carefully check the front bumper, hood, fenders. These parts often suffer from stones, then they should be micro chipped. If you have found on the surface of one piece such traces, and surrounding parts at the same time and in excellent condition, it means that the element was exposed to painting or varnishing. Change the point of inspection and angles: waste squat - this will allow you to check whether the color of one and the other element. You can also ask the owner to do a couple of laps to watch the car from different angles. Closely examine the door handles, the door is often very carefully painted, but on things like pens, energy and money are not spending. However, if the handle on one door looks better than the neighboring pen - is an occasion to look at all elements.
All cars have a so called shagreen factory - the same roughness on the paintwork. If any of the details of the vehicle does not have a sharkskin inherent throughout the body, and has a surface roughness different from that of other parts, it is likely - detail painted. If the color is still a chance to get in the paint, the shagreen is almost impossible to get.
Another important point in the initial examination - a comparison of the gaps. Inspect the door gaps, bumpers note fasteners range. The easiest way to check the clearances have paired elements. Of course, do not nitpick, the gap may still vary slightly, due to the peculiarities of assembly or operation. For example, the bumpers often suffer from curbs and snow, but this is not to say that the car was in a serious accident. Compare clearances useful when you have a second car of the same model, but in the automotive life of the second machine, you must be completely sure.
Ask the owner of the car including lighting, carefully examine the condition of headlights, their work. It is easy enough to distinguish the new from the old spotlight - the latter will be muddy, with small scratches, even light is not so bright. Remember that replacement lights may indicate a frontal collision, so it is important to carefully inspect the engine compartment.

Attention to detail
In addition to visual inspection, to check how close elements - doors, hood, trunk. You should be alerted if the door does not close the first time, if the closing is accompanied by a strange sound or requires great effort. Dyeing and repair the item may also issue bolts gum seal moldings. Some of the bolts factory with body paint, some screwed after painting. To evaluate the quality of bolts and got out whether they understand the purpose of repair parts, compare one with the other bolts on the paired elements. In fact, many are also studying expert auto, filmed whether the fuel tank flap. Most often it is the detail of car used for the selection of paint. But the removal of the fuel tank flap - absolutely not critical, because the previous owner could simply paint the scratches for aesthetic purposes.
If any item is suspect, try checking inside. For example, to bend the elastic seal - renovated under it may remain traces of polish, like chalk or white powder. Status thresholds can also tell a lot: door sills should have a healthy attrition - for drivers and passengers often rise to the surface of shoes. Assess the skin, if somewhere paneling flies may be lost or broken pistons, it often occurs during removal and installation of parts. If you care, whether colored plastic bumper, try to tap - in places of significant amounts of filler, the sound is more muffled. Check the label on glass of the machine - it should be the same. If you find a discrepancy, ask the owner for some reason changed his glass.


Hidden space
Well, of course, you need to get under the hood to ensure the safety and health "of automotive interior." Therefore, always take it with you to inspect the torch, it will help highlight the hard to reach places. Pay attention to the color of the items inside the engine compartment. The plant is usually to paint the inner surfaces pick a cheaper paint, which differs from the body paintwork. If the car is repaired in a workshop unfair, the color of the inner surface is the same as the external.
With the same purpose should be to explore the bottom of the luggage compartment. Looking around the quality of the welds and the application of the sealant. Factory sealant usually more accurate, as applied by automated. In workshops sealant is applied by hand, and discover the victim item will not be difficult, especially when compared with the quality of the application elsewhere.


To help the buyer
Chief Assistant modern car buyers supported device is "thickness". The device allows to measure the thickness of the material or paint. If the values ​​differ significantly in the evaluation of one part is most likely indicates poor-quality repair and painting details. The original coat of paint factory car quite thin and uniform, but keep in mind that every automaker its regulations thickness paint.
On the eye is difficult to determine the degree of preservation of body geometry. It is better to go to the service, and to assess the scale of the trouble with the help of special equipment. Alarm bells and an occasion to apply to the service may be unevenly worn tires. In addition to the test Alignment, the state of suspension, is also to diagnose the engine. Even if the external signs of an accident you can not find, can not hurt to verify operability "heart" of the car. A check of the vehicle on the lift allows you to look at those places, repair and painting are neglected in some workshops. For the final decision, it is necessary to check on HUNDRED brake system, steering system, and active and passive safety.


In the US, there is a base on which you can find information about gaining support American car. The system stores the history of the life of the car - the passage of MOT, the number of owners, accident. In Russia, we still have to rely on the honesty of the seller and his own observation. Meanwhile, in large European cities, with their contact parking, new machines are rapidly losing venal view - dented bumpers, fenders scratched, cracked moldings. But, more importantly, how long the car will last owner. Remember that the gauge readings, is not a reason to sweep aside option. In general, to repair a car - not a crime. Especially, if the item is painted quality, with the transition, without a sharp contrast between the parts. Be vigilant, but not fanatical. Successful acquisitions you!




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