The parable that we need to actually

The parable that we need to...

Once the farmer got a sapling of a rare variety of peach tree. He wanted to sapling has taken root, he began earnestly to pray, "Lord, please send my seedling to rain."


The Lord heeded the prayers, peasant and poured down rain. Seedling drank water, and the farmer again went to the Lord asking: "Lord, I ask You, who went to my seedling of sun and heat!"

And again, the Lord complied with the request of the peasant: the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. The tree grew up, passed the summer, the autumn came. The farmer was worried about how the tree will survive the winter and decided to re-apply for help to the Lord, "Lord, now if you send light frosts to strengthen my trees." The Lord and this request was fulfilled, he sent frost, a tree which broke down and withered. The farmer was very upset and went for sympathy to a neighbor. When he finished to tell the story of your sapling, a neighbor said

– But I also planted a peach tree in the spring, but asked the Lord otherwise. Because the sapling is His creation, and who, if not the Creator to know what to do in order for the tree to grow better. I just asked the Lord to take care of my seedlings. And He listened to my request – my little tree grows and thrives.

This little parable illustrates how many people "build its relationship" with God during prayer request to give them what, in their opinion, they need, forgetting that the Creator knows better what we need really.


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