Incredibly instructive parable about how to deal with is envious.

This parable tells about how to behave with people who are experiencing against us negative feelings - envy, hatred, anger. In this story, it collected wisdom of whole nations and epochs. After all, before these stories were the only way to convey to the next generation of knowledge previous.

It is surprising that such a small story can be fraught with so many benefits. Do not pass by these parables, because this is your opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson without making it their own mistakes.

This parable will be useful to read for people of any age, religion and nationality. Everyone will find in it for himself something of value.

An old martial arts master decided he would never fight. But despite this, he once called to fight a young self-confident warrior, who was convinced that he could beat his teacher.

But the master just sat there and did not react to the challenge of a proud student. Warrior still decided to provoke a wizard, and it became a different call bad words and hurt his family and ancestors. But this is to no avail. Desperate, the young warrior left.

Inaction master struck many of his disciples. Someone asked:

- Do not you essential dignity and honor your ancestors? i>

What a wise master replied:

- When you give a gift and you do not accept it, who owns it? i>

- The one who gives it, i> - I answered him.

- So it is with envy, anger and hatred. If they do not accept, they remain in giving. I>

This incredibly wise proverb opened my eyes to many things. Now, in some situations, I will behave differently. Share this story with your friends!

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