"To the hatred must be treated as gifts ..." parable, which must be read to everyone!

Each of us is faced with rudeness, but only a small proportion of people knows how to to respond to anger , insults and hatred. To save your mental health, you need to learn how to adequately get out of such situations, even when emotions prevail.

Keep in mind that most are rude and insulting people unhappy. Therefore, to do the same in response, or does not make sense to take offense. The best thing to do, as a wise samurai in the parable ...

Beliefs parable of zlostiMudry samurai martial art taught young students. He shared with them their skills and experience. One day, while having them granted the young warrior who enjoyed notoriety. He had become famous unheard of insolence and cruelty.

Young warrior liked to provoke others. He chose his victim and showered her choicest expletives. Enraged by the enemy then attempted to punish the offender
So this time the warrior began to insult the samurai. However, he did not pay any attention to it, and went quietly to transfer knowledge to their students. Bully again and again I tried to offend the teacher, but he remained unmoved. In the end, the bully went away in extreme irritation, but without achieving the desired fury of the samurai.

When the aggressor was gone, the disciples asked the samurai, why he suffered attacks the intruder? It could cause the offender to fight and teach him a lesson.

What a wise samurai said: "To hate, envy and abuse must be treated as a gift, which can not be accepted. If you do not accept the gift, to whom he had owned "

« It belongs to its former owner, "- said the disciples

« Likewise, envy and hatred, as long as you do not accept them. They remain with the one who brought them "- summed up the wise samurai

. This wonderful parable teaches how to properly respond to rudeness and crudeness of others. Share it with your friends!


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