The parable of a deaf frog

The parable of a deaf frogonce a few frogs decided to hold the competition on the run. Their goal was to reach the top of a high tower. Many spectators gathered to watch the competition and cheer on the participants. So, the race began.

To tell you the truth, no one in the audience did not allow even the thought that the frogs can reach the top.

All you could hear these words: — Oh!!! and such They NEVER reach the top! or: — they did not succeed, the tower is too high!

One by one the frogs began to go the distance.Except for one, which stubbornly climbed higher and higher.

People continued to shout: — It's too hard!!! No one can handle it!

More and more frogs lost the last of his strength and left the race.

But one frog continued to move towards the goal. She did not want to give up! In the end there is no one left except for this frog, which is an incredible effort only reached the top of the tower! After the race the other contestants wanted to know how she did it?!

One of the frogs-participants approached the winner to ask how she managed to achieve such incredible results and reach goals.And get this... the Winning frog was deaf. published


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