Men's and women's need for love.

Men are in love and intimate relationships are important belief in its power and capabilities, no reproaches him (taking it for what it is), for his care, admiration for his achievements, the approval of its decisions and the promotion of his efforts. Women are more important, namely, caring, understanding, respect, loyalty, recognition, reinforcement uverennnosti.

It - pervoprioritetnye needs of men and women in love. This means that:

Men are also pleased that so necessary for women, and women are not happy to give up what is so important to men, but in the priorities important to them - that these needs.
Men tend to give a woman that expensive by men (men's needs list): they think it is expensive, and the woman is in fact not much appreciate. Similarly, men do not appreciate it the most expensive (in the understanding of women), which is the female list.
Men do not appreciate the care of yourself until you feel the credibility. The woman did not appreciate the trust until he feels to his care.

Steam relationship of male and female needs
1. She needs care, it - trust (faith in his abilities).

When a man expresses caring and understanding, is interested in feelings of your partner and genuinely cares about her well-being, a woman automatically answers him confidence and acceptance of him for what he is. When a woman is the man evinces his confidence (you yourself handle anything without my prompting), it automatically responds to a concern that is so necessary to his girlfriend.

Trusting men, women more fully disclosed meet him, it is able to obtain from the relationship much more - and the man begins to feel that he really trusted. So he does everything that depends on it - man relaxed, pleased and happy to have reacted to the woman.

What is the confidence (belief in his abilities) for a man, see Knight in shining armor

2. She needs to understand he - acceptance for who he is.

When a man without irritation, but on the contrary - with empathy and keen interest listens to a woman talking about her cherished, she feels that she can hear and understand. Understanding does not involve guessing the thoughts and feelings: it is to extract information from what he heard and properly assess it. The more satisfied the need for women to be heard and understood, the easier it take man as he is (and that's it, and you need to).

When a woman meets the man of love, without trying to alter it, he feels that it is taken with all its pluses and minuses. The partner does not consider it ideal, but makes it clear she is not going to "improve" it, believing that a man would do it myself. In this respect it is much easier to listen to your partner and understand its aspirations - and that's exactly what she needs.

3. She needs to respect it - thanks

When dealing with a woman and a man recognizes puts on top of her right, desires, needs, thoughts and feelings, she is sure that it is respected. Concrete, tangible expression of respect - the flowers, the memory of a birthday party, family anniversaries and so on. N. - It is important to meet the third priority of women's needs in the field of love. The woman, a sense of respect men is much easier to show him appreciation it deserves.

As a result of the efforts of men to women is good, she is grateful to him for that. Gratitude - a natural response to the feeling of support. Feeling gratitude to the woman, the man knows that his efforts were not in vain, and to redouble their new home. A respect for the partner increases.

4. It needs dedication, he - admiration

When a man focuses on questions of women (and not their own interests - work, study, entertainment and so on. D.), And is proud to be able to support her in everything he meets fourth priority needs of the partner - to be loved. Feeling that occupies the most important place in his life, the woman not only the blossoms, but also easily begins to feel admiration for the partner.

Just as a woman needs a man of devotion, he needs her admiration. Cheering man - so to look at him with admiration, joyful surprise, appreciation and pleasure. He feels admiration for his partner when she happily amazed to find it for some special quality or talent. This can be a sense of humor, strength, commitment, integrity of nature, honesty, romance, kindness, love, understanding, and other so-called old-fashioned virtues. Feeling admired friend, the man gets enough confidence to faithfully devote himself to the woman and adore her.

5. It should be recognized, he - approval

When a man does not look down on the feelings and desires of women, do not argue with them, and receives and recognizes them, so to speak, rule of law, a woman feels loved, because it is satisfied with fifth primary need in love. (It is important to remember that it can accept the point of view of the partner, while keeping his own.) When a man gives a woman to understand that it recognizes the rights it receives on the part of the approval that it is extremely necessary.

Deep down, every man wants to be your favorite hero, a knight in shining armor. A sign that he was tested for the title of knight, is the approval of friends, indicating that the partner is good for her and she is quite satisfied with them. (Remember: a man to express his approval does not always agree with him). Endorsement - is a recognition of his actions or hope that a partner is driven by good intentions. Receiving much-needed support, it is easier to recognize the validity of the male partner's feelings.

6. It is necessary to reinforce confidence, it - encouraging

When a man repeatedly shows a woman that understands, respects, appreciates her, betrayed her, care for her, thereby satisfying one of its more immediate needs: a woman needs to be confirmed that they are fine. This behavior is a man for a woman, her love always.

The man usually makes the mistake of assuming that since he granted once all the basic needs of his partner in love, and she feels happy and confident, now once and for all to believe that she is loved. However, it is not. A man must again and again reinforce the confidence of women.

One of the priority needs of men - the promotion of the woman. Approvingly behavior girlfriend gives him hope and incentive, because it expresses the faith in his ability and strength of character. When partner evinces man trust, appreciation, admiration and approval, accept it for what it is, it inspires him out to be possible, even better, which in turn is driven by the partner again and again reinforce the confidence of women in their love - and this is something she just needed.


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