Why good meet evil — wise parable

It happens with almost all, when you're the man with an open heart, he turns his back. People don't want to see our good deeds, but if sincerely want to help someone, so it is still in your soul you spit. In such moments we ask ourselves the question: "what did I do? What did I do wrong?". Why is this happening? You will find the answer in this eye-opening parable.

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One day the old wise man knocked on the door, the young stranger, who, weeping, told the elder my story.

— I don't know how I continue to live... with trembling voice she said. — All my life I treated people as would like that they treated me was sincere with them and revealing to them the soul... when possible, I tried to do all the good without expecting anything in return, helped, than could. I really did it all free of charge, but in exchange would get the evil and ridicule. I am sorry to the pain and I'm just tired... please tell me how can I be?

The wise man listened patiently and then gave the girl a tip:

— Undress naked and walk completely naked through the city streets, quietly said the old man.

I'm sorry, but I haven't come to this... You must be crazy or joking. I do this, I don't know what to expect from passers-by... you see, even someone who abuses or will abuse me...

The sage suddenly got up, opened the door and put on the table a mirror.

— You're ashamed to go out naked, but for some reason you are not ashamed to face the world with a naked soul, open this door wide open. You let go of all and Sundry.Your soul is a mirror, that's why we all see the reflection of ourselves in other people. Their soul is full of evil and vices — such an ugly picture they see when you look in your pure soul. They do not have enough strength and courage to admit that you're better than them, and to change. Unfortunately, it is destiny only the truly brave...

— What do I do? How can I change this situation when I am, in fact, does not depend on? asked beauty.

— Come on, come with me, I'll show you... Look, this is my garden. For many years I water these unprecedented beauty of the flowers and care for them. To be honest, I never saw the blooming buds of these flowers. All I had to see this beautiful blossoming flowers that beckon with their beauty and fragrant aroma.


Child, learn from nature. Look at these wonderful flowers and do as they are, reveal your heart to people carefully, so nobody even noticed. Open the soul to good people. Walk away from those who breaks your petals, throws under his feet and trampling. These weeds still have not grown up to you, so you does not help them. In you they will only see the ugly reflection of yourself.published


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