How to overcome the void in life and in soul

— I am 25 years old. I have a University education, have a job, friends and acquaintances, life is not complaining, I'm fine, like everyone else, but it worries me. Everything goes on the thumb, inertia, too ordinary. But my heart is empty. How to overcome the void in life and soul? Don't tell me, please, about your Hobbies — I have many, but recently I began to ask myself the question, what is the point of all this...

— You have a lot to say, even "between the lines". Your condition is familiar to me (a long time ago I myself passed through it), and I even agree with you: some words will not help here. Because — you know — the question is not how to fill the emptiness of life anything, first that comes to hand, but would not sit alone and not to sing in your area. And certainly this problem cannot be solved by the principle "better a bird in the hand". You must have in life, like many, happens hot and cold, everything goes in cycles. First you something very fond of, but after a while somehow, all interest is lost, the excitement goes away, and the fact that so fascinated, was not warm, loses flavor and becomes mundane. And you once again are immersed in the inertia of, say, "that's life, not going anywhere", do what you should do, out of habit, on autopilot, sometimes feeling a heavy load in the evenings, and stare blankly at the TV or spend hours on the Internet trying again something to be interested in at least one virtual... And so on to the next adrenaline rush.


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I think my young friend that life is not empty because the "cycle a", but because your soul is suffering. In a moment she is filled, begins to live and be happy, and then it all goes away, evaporates, and nothing remains. I hope you understand: your soul is not empty, and empty is something else entirely: it is simply much taken away. She's exhausted, she's tired that her life is so changeable. She only allows herself to warm up some new warm feeling and inspiration of a new idea or discovery and have tenses, knowing this time that everything in her escape, slipping away as sand through fingers.

The soul longs for everything genuine that could fill it for a long time, even forever, don't be afraid of this word. If we love, it is forever, because love is for real- you know it. If we are to fight and overcome difficulties, with any certainty, that the business or people that are, and nothing they do not mind. If we are to reveal the soul, to the end, because I want this moment was unforgettable, and then come what may. Soul is not filled with anything, anything "garbage".

It is filled with experiences, moments and events that she's turned and so deeply touched that she is unlikely to forget them. When such moments again in life begins to appear something valuable, something important, precisely because it is unforgettable. So our soul gathers pearls of experience that are never going to disappear, that no one and nothing we can do, because we do not let too valuable that we have experienced.

True void in my life and in my heart comes when you start to admit: "Yes, something Important is missing..."Of course I won't tell you "about hobby", because this concept implies something secondary, "so, for exercise, that was not boring". I just have to continue with your own words: "to me everything is fine, nothing to complain about, there are education, work, friends, love, even many Hobbies, so something Important is lost." I find this is the Main thing to extract from the innermost corner of the soul, to return to our ordinary everyday life — and some moments of our life into an extraordinary, unforgettable!.. Emptiness is a very relative concept.

Sounds good, but how to apply it in practice. After all The main thing in life no order — no soul, no heart will not order... How can that be?

— It seems that you already give yourself the opportunity to retreat, already preparing excuses in the future, away from sin: and suddenly will not work. I think you're just attempting too high and too far, there is nothing to worry, but Hey, please don't wish for everything at once! How would you explain it? It's not about your career, not about your "promotion", not about your assertion talking about a soul that languishes without a head, falls asleep, sometimes even stale. First you need to have patience. Search main — this process is very reverent and very beautiful, it is associated with the awakening and opening your Heart.

Tell me, do you need an order to deeply to be moved by a sunrise, the singing birds, the twinkling star in the sky, beautiful music, spring in the mountains, a snowflake on the palm or blade of grass, breaking through the asphalt? It is unlikely, it happens naturally, of course — how else? Then tell me, when was the last time you were genuinely, to emotion, moved to tears at least something small that nature gives us life, the sun, birds, stars, blades of grass on the pavement and the music is not going away? In my opinion, the fact is that we stopped noticing.

Tell me, when was the last time your soul and your mind is turned, for example, whose words of wisdom, knowledge, gleaned from books, idea, invention, crazy dream, because neither the book nor the wise and interesting people, no brilliant ideas, no knowledge is not going away? I think we just dug in the little things and stupid things, allowed the tradesman to take in all sorts of calculations, petty squabbles and planning, and white light can not see.

When was the last time you touched their parents so that they will never forget, and to meet with a loved one or friend came with such a heart, something made that I still remember his happy, shining eyes?

When was the last time your child or the dog made such an amazing trip that still remember how both of you regretted that such is not repeated more often? After all, they are not going away!

When was the last time you so much as touched someone's pain, someone's grief, someone's the trouble, you still remember how your heart was torn, as if the pain has become your own? It was the same thing — you still can't forget someone's suffering, confused, lonely eyes, silently asking for help, of consolation, of healing, when you tried desperately to do something, in my heart, despite the painful feeling of helplessness? After all the trouble, pain, loneliness is not going away.

And when was the last time you laughed and rejoiced, sincerely, naturally, happily, just like that? I think we are sometimes so consumed with themselves, that do not notice next to living people, wildlife and the living of living — of life, and it is much wider, deeper, fuller than all that occupies us at the moment. That's why I warned you: don't look for excuses and leave yourself the opportunity to retreat.

After all, the next thing, it does not disappear. It first opened in all that life itself gives us here and now — trust me, this is amazing and already very much! There is always something we can fill the soul, to which you can return each time, when life becomes empty, — knowing this, you begin to regret every missed moment. But the eyes are blind, "one sees clearly only with the Heart, the Main thing is you will not see", said Saint-exupéry. Higher and more global awareness come only later, and only as a result of our daily efforts and lessons of the Heart...

— Is this state one can experience when in your life, come real trouble, real, nenabunena problems and difficulties, when not to trivia?

— Ironically, it then creates the most appropriate conditions for the soul, which was a real and terrible emptiness, filled with new meaning. You yourself partially answered when "not waste time", no detail and no time for nonsense, then The soul needs the Home — not just to fill the void, but as in salvation, the straw, which you can always hold on to...

When you night get lost in the dark forest, searching the road and do not find her, and in desperation see you made another circle and came back to the same place, then you start getting really scary and you need in any light, even if flickering is very far away, if only he showed you where to go. Similar happens in our lives: when we are in deepest despair, we need to return something true, what the soul is always perceived as a manifestation of light, good, clean, Holy. For this it is necessary to hold on to this we must go, even making super. That is why the soul must be filled with the light long before you begin these difficulties, and it risks being lost completely. It's like in the desert when you're dying of thirst, you just have to drink more just to find a drink of water, a well or an oasis with the source of all gold, money and prestigious career in this world you useless, and you begin to understand how deeply mistaken in their values...

— If the water in the desert isn't it?

— If you want, you will always find, especially when you realize that you can die if you drink water from the source. Have you ever thought that not only the body but the soul wants to live?

And her thirst for life is much deeper. When dying of thirst in the desert when you're surrounded by sand and scorching sun — don't ask yourself whether you want to or not want water. You already believe that it will certainly find that some unseen God or an angel-Keeper will help you find one. It's not even "the voice" and prayer in the wilderness.In ancient times it was said that, when the soul prays, certainly there is someone, that prayer will hear and she will respond. God always hears When I was expecting a very serious test of life and I, terrified, asked: "How do I succeed, how would it work?"my Teacher said to me: "you Will be exactly as you believe, no more and no less". This "a SIP of living water" I remember forever...

— And how is it to be with the Main, which remains for a lifetime, with the most high and most Holy, than your Soul will live always? How to find it?

— Again you yourself almost answered yourself! Not hurry! You're talking about the heights! Understand what you want, but they don't need to look for before they have to fly. Like it is necessary to return the wings, we need to learn not only to walk on the ground, but sometimes climb to the sky.

In every heart lives the Dream of Flying, this words can not explain. Who once, at least for a moment, experienced the Flight of the soul, knows why the soul wants him so badly and why the need for it does not dry out. In the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" is one of many SIPS of water that never ceases to feed my soul, says that flying is not necessary for use, but for the sake of the beauty of flight.

Consider all the daily efforts and lessons of the heart, which we have discussed — only a patient and diligent training the little bird that learns to fly. He falls and rises, falls again and rises again, each time higher and higher. His wings will get stronger, and one day he will soar through the clear, clean, blue space, watching as the beautiful earth, when I look at it from the sky, and wishing that the others can't fly and all to see.

And when the time comes, our bird will fall to the ground, but not "with a Bang", and easily and happily, knowing that it will be possible to take off again and again. You see, her enthusiasm and inspiration will be passed to someone else of Chicks, and he asks her to teach him to "wave his wings" so as not to fall all the time, and to go where the soul is. But that's another story. In the book the young bird asked the question: "Jonathan Seagull, do you want to fly?"Sometimes a simple, "Yes!"coming from the depths of the soul and as the prayer of the heart, sufficient for the

The main appeared in our lives and more never abandoned us... posted

Author: Elena Sikirich

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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