The soul of man. The origins of its inception.

The soul of man.
The origins of its origin, development and purpose on Earth.
The inextricable link with the Cosmos.

The soul of man. Do you realize, man, what is it? Many of your treatises dictate that the soul - this energy substance. Let's try to have a different wording, closer to the true value.

When the world was not yet life, when there was only one terra firma, it had the support of metaphysical processes. This means that the core of the Earth has been in a constant relationship with the energies of the Universe, which allowed to have their own internal development as an entity, as a living organism. As time went on and the Earth reached its particular status, which has allowed her to have multiple army of the living micro and macro, which includes flora, and insects. Next Creation decided to let the Earth souls, who live in different points of the Universe - it is separately taken civilization, it detached the stars in the vast space of life, this all-round development of their intellectual development of representatives of various animal kingdom; here is a list you can transfer indefinitely. The main thing to understand - how was the birth of the soul
Each of you has a history as the birth and development of the soul. Everyone, in any lifetime on Earth, and there were certain their tasks and the most important thing to note - this is an inextricable link of the soul with its original inception station. But your brain cells, this communication is not perceived, and only when the person is asleep link may clearly have their manifestation. Your scientists have not yet reached such an understanding, but close to the exact wording; I declare that close to the exact wording of the true value.

And so, we will continue on the human soul. The soul of man - is the substance of the divine building, which once originated in the Abode of the Source of Creation, held its resuscitation proderzhku to any extraterrestrial civilization, and allowed for its development on planet Earth with a resolution cyclical reincarnation to the level of the Divine Master. Such embodiments may be many times until the soul does not fulfill all its tasks. In the future, the same happens with the approval of her desire. Where is her preference, there she remains, but in a completely different role. This you will learn in my descriptions below.

I say goodbye to you today. I, the body convey his word Hades.

The soul of man to
Yes, the man himself never thought, and what can the soul? any of its components? and how to understand what she wants?

Introduce yourself or a part of the Light, the light substance in the vast cosmic being. What are you going to do? I believe you will want to have more of this Light that it was everywhere and you start to pour its full scope. And yet, you would be uncomfortable if the light will penetrate the darkness. You say that is a special desire to dissolve this darkness to light everywhere prevailed.

But your earthly life is intertwined with numerous mnogosubstantsionnymi components, such as anxiety, irritability, frustration, etc.; and the soul of its functionality overlap, and a man in his physical form, is not fully exercising their spiritual qualities in contact with the guide substances negative, often faced with various kinds of ailments; and if the light of the soul dies down, there are a variety of diseases, sometimes resulting in death, which is called - the physical body
This begs the question - is it possible to live in the world without sickness? Of course, it is possible, it all depends on the state of the soul. The soul - it is much capacious and versatile, but man is far from these insights. We will try to lucidly explain all the details, and above all, how to restore the energy balance of your soul to further favorable your stay on Earth. It will not be easy, but it's worth doing. This equates to update the structural began life, what actually happens after the soul leaves the earth plane. Of course, life on Earth is going to happen in a few other parameters and frequencies.

We also understand and know that the percentage of reading this book in relation to the population of the world is small, but the essence of the other. There was one such soul, it attracts to itself the other and so the chain - formed a conglomerate. And when the Light will prevail on Earth, and then the darkness will dissolve.

The soul of man is great and priceless. Revive the soul to a new life. You construct a new reality to the welfare and prosperity. Just a question - and you do want to
Aida has been in touch with you. I'll meet you in the new your day.

Mother Mary - Holy Mother of God:
One way or another, but the people in the world, especially in the last period of time more and more often, or he says about the soul or thinking about it. I am glad that many are trying to talk to her, and this breakthrough in human spiritual development will bring significant changes in his life. These conversations with the soul to help a person to realize his connection with the cosmos, they help us to understand what is the purpose of the soul in this incarnation, they suggest how to do the right thing in any given situation, and yet, most importantly - allow a person to increase his spiritual potential. In your books, there are many different communication methods virtually all spaces of the Internet with your soul and every one of you uses close in spirit. But I'll make a gift to you today, maybe someone will take it to their hearts and will receive a clear and quick results.

This technique is based on the perception of your sensory apparatus, your thought is complex, in close contact with your memory cells that will allow you to make a breakthrough and to hear the answer of your soul. Even if the first time you did not work, do not despair. Once again, read the entire chapter, this text will satiate the energy and repeat.

Did you present fear or distrust of the forces that you will be in charge of the first phase, or you have doubts about your abilities. If these components are present and work through them, release them, and only then proceed to the techniques. If you are ready - get started:

Call in your field, your guardian angel, the Masters of the Thin Plan, and who wish to set up his soul to the conversation, it is possible through pure intent, just know that it will answer your questions. Ask your guest to help you tune-in to contact with the soul. You may feel mild tremors or warmth in the heart space. Each will have its own sign of readiness, the main thing - do not worry
The answers may be surprising for your perception. Sooner or later, but you will learn how to determine the language of your soul. Maybe someone of you during a conversation with the soul will be tears - it means you come into contact with the soul at the sensory level. As a rule, after a conversation with the soul, a person has been calm and inspiration there. When you develop strong contact with your soul, you will be very easy to navigate in all situations. The main thing - to start chat with her, the main thing - keep in touch line. If you do not have self-confidence, for the first time may not be possible. And only your perseverance and desire to bring you the desired result. It is a kind of ritual, which you can use to relax and tune, and a burning candle, and other spiritual tools, but it is at first. In the future, it will have to happen automatically.

I wish you a successful practice.


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