WHAT SMART women differ from the wise?

Many women find the number of brains - their main trump card, but be smart and try to be always right - the greatest nonsense in a woman's life

I remember how I used to prove to everyone his right. Husband, mother, friend. A special treat - and point to show her husband that he was wrong. My ego is growing at huge rates - in fact I am the most intelligent. And I'm always right.

It did not lead to anything good. We were on the verge of divorce, but even then I did not understand what is the price for my cleverness. What exactly are my nitpicking and as amended, it was my desire to argue, prove and treat the husband - destroy our relationship.

But now I realize that trying to be smart and try to be always right - the greatest nonsense in my life. Because only one case in my life ruined many relationships.

My husband periodically focuses on the fact that my desire to be right, deprives him of any desire to take care of me.

What to do? Lobotomy? Continue to philosophize? Or learn to be wise? I chose the latter option.

Being an intelligent woman - a good thing. But it is better - to be wise!

Here are eight life situations that will show you what a smart woman different from the wise:

1. If the husband has made a mistake
Smart woman to find her husband's mistake, poke his nose. And recalled that she had warned him about it.
A wise woman - support, embolden, sometimes pretends not to notice.
2. In a crisis situation
Smart woman in crisis will take the reins and teach her husband to live right.
A wise woman subtly show him the direction and support to the intention to reach.
3. When it is necessary to teach the child
Smart woman will teach children math, no matter what.
A wise woman - sees in each person.
4. The working team
Smart woman at work will try to be better than others, and not to make mistakes. The majority of colleagues will treat it very cautiously.
A wise woman will create a team atmosphere of love and warmth.
5. When you want to give advice
Smart woman will not interfere in the lives of their adult children, they do not give a petition tips and advice, telling them about how to raise children.
A wise woman will allow children to get their experience and support in any situation.
6. With regard to in-law
Smart woman will deal with the influence of her mother in law, to assert their independence from their parents, argue with them because of their tips.
A wise woman learns to smile, to listen in silence to accept. And to do on its own. With love.
7. If you wish to change the world
A smart woman wants to change the world, to remake all the people around.
A wise woman will begin to change itself. And accept others as they are.
8. Opinion of happiness
Smart woman thinks happy is he who is right.
A wise woman knows that human someone who is happy.


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