10 things that people who love their lives to do otherwise

People who love their lives, have long determined that for them is right and what is not, so they are really happy

Surprise, surprise! The truly happy people live very differently. No, not that fate has given them some other life are not like ordinary people. They just live their much better than those who are unhappy.

In a sense, happiness - the result of subjective perception of reality. And, of course, we can not always choose the most reality - sometimes life just throws us something bad, something good.

However, most of the time we find ourselves in a different situation because we have committed acts and decisions. And the way we live our lives, as a result, and determines whether we will it or not happy.

1. They do not achieve universal love - mainly because the opinions of others to them is not so important
They love themselves and, in general, it's enough. You can love them. You can hate, or both do not pay attention - they do not care.

2. They do anyway, guided only by their opinions
They do not need this approval or acceptance of others. They do not want to be part of someone else's team - they themselves command. They live as they want, and if you like it better. but if not - believe me, they will survive.

They are doing something because they want to, not because they have to.

They do not believe that something must be done - except to pay taxes and live your life to the end, well, practically everything else - their informed choice. If they have something to do, somewhere to go, something involved - so that's exactly what they want.

They are very difficult to make, or to push any decision just because of all the opinions they value most of all his own. They are doing what they think is right, and do not ask permission to do so, no one - just doing all.

3. They love their friends, but do not depend on them
Do you know why sometimes with your friends all so difficult? Yes, because they are not in the full sense of "your." You do not own them. It is real people with their needs and desires - and, of course, they are often first think of them, not about your goals and ambitions. If you have friends - it's just wonderful, but do not always and everywhere unconditionally rely on them.

Those who live their lives in happiness and contentment, often boast of very close friends, but in all respects, they retain a fair share of independence - precisely in order to avoid disappointment. The lack of independence and excessive attachment can easily destroy any friendship - and all the other relationship, if it comes to that.

4. If you ask them what they're doing, they do not answer job title
Instead, you are likely to hear what they're doing with their lives - for example, where they visited and where are going to visit. Their work - is also a part of this, but only a part, nothing more. And they will talk about it is not the job title and description of the project on which they work, and the people with whom they do it.

If you ask them what they do, they will respond, the dream in this life, not something to try to make this dream come true. They know that to live the way you want, you should not ever there in the distant future. Not at all. After all, our happiness depends primarily on how we live here. Right now.

5. If you ask them where they live, you will hear: "On Earth»
Happy people move frequently. Perhaps because the journey are only for the benefit of their souls. And maybe because for a long time to stay in one place and do the same thing simply boring.

They also love to learn something new about the world around them and meet interesting people. But often and so that they are just looking for a place where they really want to live. But for them it is still the choice of rooms in the apartment - in fact their home these individuals consider the entire world. And if you ask them where they live, it's likely you'll hear "On Earth" - if they do not laugh at such a ridiculous question.

6. They are guided by the philosophy and the only religion they follow - his own
You do not have to follow some kind of book, indicating the way you live. You can live by following whatever philosophy - as long as it corresponds to the essence of your inner convictions. Those people in question in this article is a very strong moral core - they have long been determined that for them is right and what is not, and the only judge them - they do.

7. They take their fragility
They know that in this world are all mortal, and they are not an exception. This knowledge and acceptance of each step to give meaning to their life's journey. You, too, should do it. Why is that? Yes, because it's really unavoidable. And if this is so - can only come to terms with this fact.

The happiest of people do not fear death, and did not go all out in a vain attempt to avoid it. They see it exactly the way they should - as inevitable. Even the inevitable can not deprive them of their allotted term, and certainly it they will live on their own terms. And if the power of death no one else, then have power over their lives without exception.

8. They think the world of her playground, and your mind - host it
They do not believe that the world is what it is, and it imposed on it a reality - all that they have. Instead, they rightly believe that their reality, they are doing themselves.

And they are really completely power over how to perceive what they see. They, and not anyone else there, to decide how to interpret what they see. They see the world as they wish themselves - because they understand what kind of power it gives them. We all live in a reality that we create ourselves and just have some, it turns out better than others.

9. They live in the present, and dreams left for future
All happy people have hopes, dreams and goals. They have desires and aspirations, but they do not allow themselves to get caught up in them and completely lost with no hope of salvation. Dream - this is certainly good, but you need to know the same measure.

You can not live all the time looking only to the future, because if you stop to notice the only time of value is actually - now. Yes, the moment, the very moment, "here and now" - the only time in which we really live. Everything else - just an illusion.

10. They do not try to change other people, instead they learn to accept them as they are
We decided to devote part of their effort and energy trying to change someone for the better? Leave it labor in vain. Yes, people change, but they do just as you wish. They have to decide what they want to change, and usually it happens at the right time, not earlier or later - you can not speed up the process, no matter how you try. You simply will not work.

Moreover, if you are in pursuit of someone to change too start to put pressure on the man, the result can be completely opposite. So is not it better, instead of wasting time and effort to do otherwise? Learn to accept people as they are, and if you are from something you need, instead of having to adjust to the desired side kicks, just try to push them back. And if you do it does not go - well, sometimes better to accept and withdraw.


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