One man dreamed of a better life. He did not like the house in which he lives, the clothes he wears, in short, everything that surrounded him.

He wondered why someone is all about what you can dream of, and it has nothing. "Now, if I had a nice house, a beautiful wife, a lot of money, then I would be happy" - thinking man, all day long.
Then one day, he met the Wizard.

- I hear your thoughts, - said the Wizard - and I am ready to help you. Say what you want, and I will fulfill all.

The man was very happy. At first he could not believe his luck.

- Is it there? Just ask, and everything will be granted! Perhaps you want something in return?

But the magician replied that he does not need anything.

- You ask so long ago that I thought, perhaps, you know exactly what you need. Just ask, and all will be!

- Very Well! - Happy man. - I need a big beautiful house! Beautiful wife, but knew how to cook well. I also need to have I always had a lot of money!

- Well, - said the Wizard. - You fall asleep and wake up tomorrow morning, and you have all of this will be.

Indeed, the next morning the man woke up in a big luxurious house, he was met by a smiling beauty who was his wife. Breakfast was already cooked. Everything was great. The bank account was opened in his name, and no matter how much he did not spend, expense replenished all the time. At first the man did not believe his luck. He was ecstatic!

But here's the day flew by day, month by month, and his life is not changed. He asked myself the question: what else can you want, because I have and the way it is? But in the meantime, he felt that I wish you happiness and not gained. And he began to call the Wizard.

- Why am I not happy, because I have everything? - The man asked the Wizard, when he again came to him.

- I have done everything that you wanted. So enjoy your happiness!

- I can not. In my big house I'm lonely, beautiful wife is not happy for me. And the money that I wanted, do not bring me satisfaction. Why, tell me the Wizard!

- You asked me for the house, but did not ask for warmth and comfort in it! You asked for my wife, but did not ask for love and understanding! You asked me for money, but did not ask for freedom, power and joy that they can give! - Said the Wizard.

The man was very happy.

- Thank U! I understood everything, - he said. - I want it all! Give it to me!

- Well, if you understand everything, then go and create all by yourself! - The Wizard said, and disappeared.

A man wakes up in his former home, a wife and without money. But now it was with confidence and the knowledge that he really wants.


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