The parable about a donkey in the well

Once I settled down into the well and began to scream loudly, calling for help. His host ran screaming donkey and threw up his hands - in fact pull the donkey out of the well was impossible.

Then the owner judged as follows: "My ass is old, and he briefly left, but I still wanted to buy a new colt. This well has dried up completely, and I have long wanted to fall asleep and dig a new one. So why not just kill two birds with one stone - I zasyplyu ka old well, and a donkey together bury ».

Without thinking, he invited his neighbors - all together took up a shovel and began to throw earth into the well. Donkey immediately realized what was happening and began to scream loudly, but people did not pay attention to his screams and silently continued to throw earth into the well.

However, very soon, the donkey stopped. When the owner looked into the well, he saw the following picture - every piece of land, which fell on the back of a donkey, he brushed and trampled underfoot. After a while, to everyone's surprise, the donkey turned and jumped on top of the well!

Perhaps your life has been all sorts of trouble, and in the Hereafter will send you more and more. And every time you drop another ball, remember that you can shake it and because of that someone, climb a little higher. Thus, you will gradually be able to get out of a deep well.


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