7 bad eating habits

When you're long at the computer, ran from one lunch to another, or driving through the city almost without interruption, your way of eating is neglected, you are clearly not up to it. From one event to the next and through the days that are full of meetings, you might unintentionally bear the injury and slowly recover. Here are 7 ways in which you worsen the situation. Very often it makes sense to understand your own eating habits to improve overall diet and food culture.

Bad habit No. 1: Eat foods with low fatProducts, the packaging of which is marked 0% fat or low fat actually contain very little fat. But they are often full of carbohydrates (sugar, starch), which ultimately impact on the incredible nutritional value. In addition, similar products after their absorption fast enough to provoke an acute sense of hunger. Therefore, you must still read the composition of the product, and much better to drink natural yogurt without additives, fat content is 2.5 percent, what sweet 0% yogurt.

Bad habit No. 2: Skipping mealsSkipping meals makes you fat and is one of the worst things you can do for your body and mind. Your metabolism slows down, and you are much more likely to overeat in the day. American journal of epidemiology found that people who didn't have Breakfast increased the risk of obesity 4.5 times. Increase your metabolism by eating small portions of nutritious foods throughout the day — for Breakfast 1 Cup of Greek yogurt and berries – a quick and nutritious option. If you are in the way then you can use different types of wraps with pita bread (we have supermarkets began to appear in pita bread with bran) and nuts. By snacking, you will not face acute hunger, and the feeling that now all the estimates in the fridge.

Bad habit No. 3: eating Too fast mealsa Study conducted at the University of Rhode island, found that those who ate slowly ate 1/3 less than those who ate quickly. Your stomach needs 20 minutes to tell your brain that you are full. Each meal should take at least 20 minutes from start to finish. Try not just snacks on the go and to arrange a meal.

Bad habit No. 4: Work on the computer while you eatWhen you are watching TV or working on the computer, you can't completely focus on anything else, including food. Researchers from the University of Birmingham found that people who were distracted while eating a meal ate more than usual — most of them don't even remember what they ate! Statistics also shows that you are eating 5-10 times more when you eat while watching TV. If you are going to eat during the movie, prepare yourself a plate of vegetables or popcorn (without butter and low salt).

Bad habit # 5: eat large pieces, Cut your food into smaller pieces, use a smaller fork or spoon — it really works. You increase the fun and the meal takes longer, and thus we increase the pleasure of eating. American journal of clinical nutrition found that people who took large portions of food consume 52 percent more calories in one sitting than those who took small pieces and chewed longer!

Bad habit number 6: Avoiding the weights of theControl — a useful thing for your body, and the scales will help keep you on the right path. Enough to get on the scales only once in 1-2 weeks. Other ways to stay responsible? Smartphone apps that can help you track your nutrition program or the pedometer, which counts the number of steps you have walked per day.

Bad habit No. 7: do Not follow the information about a healthy lifestyleas you are reading this article, you are already going in the right direction. Reading about exercise and proper nutrition are likely to affect your lifestyle in General.published

Author: Irina Gudym

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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