Psychological causes of overeating


The first signs of overeating cannot be neglected. While they are small, you can easily rectify the situation. Over time, it will be harder. The need for food will start to occur automatically, overeating becomes habitual. It creates a psychological dependence on food. You need to remember that we don't recover in one day. Excess weight sneaks up on us gradually. Now you need to watch what you eat, where you eat and how you eat.

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As is?

Eat regularly, little and often. Proper eating behavior is 5-6 meals a day is a day to not feel hunger and not snacking.

Eat slowly, slowly and chewing food thoroughly.

Eat only at the table. When you eat standing up or on the go, then eat more.

Eat with pleasure. Food should bring joy in life. Enjoy what you eat. Turn the meal into a small celebration.

For food do not be sad. Good mood, pleasant atmosphere during meals is very important. Do not educate each other at the table.

Eat light, live, natural foods. Remember correct, balanced diet.

When eating, don't do anything else. Do not watch TV, do not read, do not work. But a leisurely conversation over a meal can't hurt. It will help to pause between meals.

Where to start?

If the problem of excess weight already exists, you'll first need to understand its cause and then to apply the most appropriate method. Often a negative emotion caused by consciousness of its completeness, are encouraged to look for different ways to lose weight, including encouraged to follow a diet. This, in turn, could trigger a new negative emotions that lead to overeating and the inability to cope with this problem creates another negative emotions and creates a vicious circle.

To quit this vicious circle, it is important to understand that you should lose weight only for myself, slowly and gradually changing dietary habits. Then the body can get used to your new weight and fix it. Before you get rid of the excess fat, pounds and cellulite you need to learn to love and respect myself.

Watch yourself and analyze everything that happens to you. Little to lose weight, it is important to understand yourself and the causes of overweight. Often do it yourself is difficult. And here you can help experienced therapists and psychologists concerned with the problem of psychological correction of excess weight.

Reason # 1. Food to replace love

When the stomach fills with food, other needs unconsciously blocked sidelined. This method is used by people who may not have enough "body strokes" in the family. They can't distinguish between genuine appetite from gluttony and become slaves of the stomach.

Grain dependence on food sown in early childhood. Often the parents strive to meet the needs of the child love, affection, attention through food, not through conversation, games, etc. the Food begins to replace the touch. In adult life a person is comfortable communicate with others only when there is sensation of fullness food.

Reason # 2. Food antidepressant

In stressful situations we experience internal stress. Our life carries a lot of negative emotions. If the house is not all right or we are loaded with work and we have problems in this difficult period it would be tempting to soothe yourself with food. It turns into the best remedy for mental affliction.

Reason # 3. Food "on the run"

In everyday life we often do not eat at home, have a snack hastily consumed food between meals. Snacks at work over a Cup of tea, eating sweets in front of the TV — a very common phenomenon. Haste food prevents proper digestion, can cause a lack of vitamins and mineral salts. After such a meal we feel tired. The malnutrition refers to irregular meals and a large meal in the evenings. Very often a strong appetite is played after "hungry" and a busy day. We overload the stomach and forced to work hard the entire digestive tract.

Reason # 4. Overeating habit

Sometimes the unwillingness or lack of information about proper nutrition leads to a lack of culture in food. To this day you can hear the opinion that if all in the family full, plump, "look good", it is the result of maternal care and love. Parents can increase children's harmful eating habits. Heredity, in this sense, it's just the continuation of a "family tradition".

Appetizing stress

Men often their sorrows and misfortunes "wash down", about one third of women of their "jammed". During periods of stress and nervous shock are greatly increased appetite.

To increased appetite added excessive thirst, sleepiness and desire to lie in bed as long as possible, preferably not alone. Is it possible to change the body's response to stress and why the body sometimes reacts exactly the way we asked the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of the Moscow medical Academy. I. M. Sechenov, neurologist Tatiana Graziani ascension.

Response active and passive

Response to stress is of two types. The described situation is a classic passive response to stress. These women are not trying to act and solve the existing problems. On the contrary, they stop to take some steps. But the trouble is, and it needs some way to drown. They prefer to escape and achieve some stability with the help of alcohol, food, sex, and Smoking. It's kind of stepping back from the stress of switching to another activity.

On the other hand, there are those ladies who are in difficult times can not eat at all. It's like the situations when a person goes for an exam and excitement can not even take a piece of bread in his mouth. In such cases, refusal of food combined with nausea and sometimes with alcohol. But it appears insomnia, libido decreased dramatically, and there is a violent emotional reactions. It can be hostility, irritability, aggression, anxiety, tears, a sense of panic and confusion.

These women are very active. They are too many and sometimes pointless move, can't sit still, running around the room, something teasing in his hands.

If such a reaction to the stress a woman trying to deal with the situation. Another thing is – successfully or unsuccessfully. However, her body is saying now is not the time for food, no time for sleep. And the time to do something, to act and to seek a way out of a difficult situation.

In fairness it should be noted that these "activists" among women is much greater. But there are those who passively responds to stress, "seizing" it. Among them, more often overweight women. And as an "anti-stress" they choose cakes, candy, pies, muffins and other sweets.

Candy and sweets are often taken orally is a cure for stress

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The weakness of the lush women

The habit of "seizing their misery" there are a few reasons:

Firstly, heredity. There is a special category of people who have had disruption of certain brain systems. They lead to the fact that man can not control your appetite. He was not hungry, but still wants to eat. An extreme form is the constant desire to eat something.

Secondly, it is a way of life adopted by families of obese people. Usually there is a special relationship to food. They always loved to eat. The reception was invariably accompanied by abundant feasts. Most popular fat, meat, hearty and sweet dishes made from flour.

The house belonged to a strict diet. She had never thrown away, and all I had to eat cooked. The basic rule is that on the plate there was nothing left.

The child literally from birth brought a special attitude to food. If he cries – so, hungry, cranky – so must be fed.

Thus, the food in the minds of the little man is associated with something good. She's always up for it with a plus sign. And gradually developed a reflex: when he is bad, need to eat. Preferably sweet and delicious. The food acts as a cure for stress.

And, growing up, the lady will continue to escape from all the problems of sweets and cakes.

Preventive measure

With the habit of "seizing" stress can be combated. We must learn to protect themselves from stress in other ways. It's hard, but all the same really. You should not choose as the new methods of diet. Diets do not help. Person, and so uncomfortable, and then there's the rejection of the usual diet. It is time to not only cope with stress, and make new and more – on the background diet. There are many – it's a habit. And since habits need to deal slowly and gradually.

1 — Ask yourself – why?

If you want something to eat and the hand itself reaches for a roll, first consider: why am I doing this? If you want to eat, that is one thing. And if I ate just half an hour ago, and now just nervous after an important conversation and really wanted something sweet? Stop and try to relieve stress in a different way. Take a shower, take a walk or talk to someone.

2 — will Tighten access

If you know of a feature of "jam" stress, never keep food on hand. Candy purse, candy in his pocket – this is not for you. Food should not be available.

3 — do Not try to win the boa constrictor

Always eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. After all, people under stress try to swallow as quick as possible. Affects the unconscious desire to get rid of the excitement and experiences. Satiety occurs after 15-20 minutes after a meal. It is therefore reasonable to stretch your meal exactly on time.

If you are unable to cope with overeating, it is reasonable to ask for help. Or close to obesity. Or it may be the other extreme – bulimia nervosa. It is characterized by very slender women or those who have a normal weight. The reason is the same – stress response. A woman tries to numb the pain or resentment sweet. Sometimes in huge quantities. Then, fearing that recover, knowingly causes vomiting and gets rid of all eaten.

Thus, she is quite pleased with herself. On the one hand, laid stress on the other, keep the shape. So there is a psychological dependence: stress – overeating – deliverance. For some time it seems that everything is fine. And this won't happen again.


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Overeating and self-esteem

But once a nervous shock all starts again. The body "remembers" how it was well after the cake eaten, and requires the same. Very hard to resist. Moreover, knowing that you can then get rid of the eaten. To cope with bulimia is very difficult. If you feel that the situation is out of control, do not delay a visit to a specialist.published  


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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