The festival "Invasion" has collected 20 thousand spectators

In the village of Emmaus near Tver opened July 4 rock festival "Invasion", which will feature popular Russian rock groups.

"The festival was visited by 19 thousand 200 people. Public order and safety provided 2000 448 police officers and soldiers of the Interior Ministry ", - said Shklyarov.

According to her, in the area of ​​the festival 2000 600 parked cars.

During the first day of Russia's largest rock festival in the open air recorded 49 administrative offenses.

According to him, among the perpetrators of 21 people detained for appearing in a public place in a drunken state, including one minor, 11 small figliganstv.

The festival is scheduled to speak more than 120 musical groups, including young talents from across the country, and popular Russian performers of various genres. Among the participants - "Agatha Christie", "Alice", "Night Snipers", "The King and the Clown," "Semantic hallucinations", "Aria", "earring", "Liapis Trubetskoy", "B-2" and others.

The first festival "Invasion" took place in 1999 in Moscow DK Gorbunov and was dedicated to the anniversary of "Nashe Radio". Headliners steel Linda and Zemfira. In the village of Emmaus festival moved in 2004, but in 2006, the organizers of the split, and the festival called "Invasion" took place in the Ryazan region, and near Tver formed review "Emmaus". This year, the festival united and "Invasion" has returned to the old place.


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