Nonna Mordjukova died in poverty

Shortly before his death Nona Mordyukova her sister Natalia Kataeva had to borrow money to ensure the well-known cousin decent medical care

Only in the last days, when Nonna V. was in intensive care, by order of the head physician of the Central Clinical Hospital of Mordyukova cared for free, according to

On his grave existence actress Nonna Mordjukova never said. She did not like to complain. Nonna V. was optimistic. Only her sister somehow let slip that the family has no money for expensive treatment. Mordjukova suffered a serious illness - the disintegration of mental functions due to brain damage.

In March this year, when the 82-year-old star of the Russian TV screen came to the central hospital, it turned out that her medical insurance policy does not cover the service department of psychosomatic clinic. Mordyukova for treatment had to lay out a tidy sum. Then the expensive treatment darling million spectators paid Nikita Mikhalkov. But to take care of a sick woman her sister was not able to. To hire a nurse, Natalie Mordyukova had to get into debt.

 - I had to hire a nurse - told then Mordyukova sister. - Nonna very bad, it needs constant care. Just do not know if we pull these costs, nurses are working day and a half thousand rubles.

Nonna Mordjukova ill for several years. All their modest savings actress spent a long time for treatment. In recent years, the most iconic actresses of the Soviet cinema lived only a tiny pension and a supplement of five hundred rubles for old-age care. Virtually any privileges star did not enjoy. Even a three-room apartment she got accidentally.

For a long time Nonna V. huddled in a one-room "Khrushchev" with her sister. One broadcaster Urmas Ott in sovey transferring said, "Nonna Viktorovna, how is it that you, the People's Artist, still live in a small-sized" odnushke "? Mordjukova joked in response, "This will write to UNESCO, and will be ..».

A few days later Moryukova moved into a comfortable two-bedroom apartment on the Boulevard Nut.

Great actress died in the arms of a nurse, who was with her around the clock for several days, as Nonna Viktorovna sister could not be with her because of the venerable age. Natalia daily to visit the sick sister, but their own ailments did not allow her to be at the bedside of his beloved sister constantly.

From early morning, the sister of the great actress Natalia receives an endless stream of condolences from all over Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics.

One of the first expressed his deep condolences to the families and friends of the actress Nonna Mordyukova in connection with her death, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Until recently, she worked as Nonna V. allowed her strength on a supplement to the memoir. Of the planned four hundred pages it was written almost two hundred.

The publishing house, which was preparing for the release of the book, told me that the great actress was full of hopes in July to finish the work on the publication.

 - Nonna V. said that because of the hospitalization have a little push back deadlines manuscript - confirmed in publishing - but it was full of optimism, said that the work on the book it brings joy.

Nonna Mordjukova buried at Kuntsevo Cemetery on Wednesday. Funeral service will be a great actress in the temple of the Saviour is formed on the Setun, located in the cemetery. In the same church 28 years ago Nonna V. goodbye to his only son, Vladimir Tikhonov.

A famous actress, despite the fact that the audience loved, bequeathed not to make a civil funeral.

 - Lavish ceremony Nonnochka requested not to make, - said Natalia. - I wanted everything to be quiet and very modest.

In Kuntsevo Cemetery today have already prepared a place where it will be buried a great actress. Her grave is located next to the churchyard son.


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