Star marriages

In this selection will not be pairs consisting of wife actress and husband director.
Also, you will not see young people, to explain it simply, to the legends they are not yet mature enough, and keep up with the change of their second halves not really change as gloves.
So there you go.

Dzidra Ritenberga and Eugene Urbanski.
Three months after the death of Eugene Dzidra gave birth to daughter Eugenia.

Until Dzidra Urbanski was married to Tatyana Lavrova

Tatiana Lavrov was married to Oleg Dal

Oleg Dal and Nina Doroshina. The marriage was short, only a few days.

Lyudmila Tselikovskaya and Mikhail Zharov. Lucy had five husbands, she called the favorite architect Karo Halabyan from which bore a son, Sasha.

Lyudmila Tselikovskaya and Yuri Lyubimov. Lived together for 20 years.

Tatiana Samoilova and Basil Lanovoi. First love, first marriage.

Hope Cherednychenko and Ivan Pereverzev - the main characters of the movie "The first glove". In 1947, they met on the set and got married.

Frunzik Mkrtchyan and Donar Pilosyan. History tragic. Donar seriously ill and the last twenty years of his life in a psychiatric hospital Sevan. Died last year.

Marina Ladynina and Ivan courtesy. Marriage brief, shortly after the divorce Lyubeznov married the sister Marina Ladynina.

Leah Akhedzhakova and Valery Spout

Vladimir Soshalsky. Officially been married seven times. The most famous of his wife - Olga Aroseva Alina Intercession, Nelly Piedmont, Nonna Mordjukova.

Nonna Mordjukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov

Favorite fairy tale characters - Alex and Vera Konsovskiy Altai. Marriage was sad and not very long, had a daughter, which soon took Konsovskiy and educated himself.

Nina Drobysheva and Vitaly horse. Playing the main roles in the film "Clear Skies" Gregory Chuhraja. Daughter - actress Elena Drobysheva

The founders of the theater "Contemporary" - Oleg Efremov and Lilia Tolmachev (first wife)

Vladimir Basov. All three wives - one of the most beautiful actresses of our movie: Rose Makagonova, Natalia Fateev, Valentina Titova

Alexander Zbruev. He was married to Valentina Malyavina second wife - Ludmila Saveliev.

Archil Gomiashvili and Tatiana Okunevskaya. Archil was younger than 12 years. Married in Georgia, Mtskheta Cathedral.

Nastya and Alexander Vertinskaya Gradskij

Nastya and Nikita Mikhalkov Vertinskaya

Alla Parfanyak and Nikolai Kryuchkov in the movie "Heavenly slug", 1945.

Alla Parfanyak and Mikhail Ulyanov

Oleg and Marianne Strizhenovy - Arthur and Gemma in the film Alexander Faintsimmer "The Gadfly", 1955.

Lionella Pyreva and Oleg Strizhenov

Vladimir Etush and Ninel Myshkova ("The house I live in MDM", "The Magic Weaver»)

Vladimir Etush and Elena Izmailov ("Secret Agent", "Captain at Fifteen»)

Lydia Knyazev and Rolan Bykov in the musical comedy "Aibolit-66».

Elena Sanaeva and Rolan Bykov

Vladimir Vysotsky and Lyudmila Abramova

Arkady Arcana and Maya Kristalinskaya

Poet-parodist, host of "Around the laughter" Alexander Ivanov and Olga Zabotkina ("Two Captains", "Cheryomushki»)

Natalya Varley and Vladimir Tikhonov

Natalya Varley and Nicholas Burlyaev

Nicholas Burlyaev and Natalya Bondarchuk

Two Natasha, two wives Koli Burljaeva - Varley and Bondarchuk

Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov

Alla Larionov and Nikolai Rybnikov

George Georgiou ("Clean Sky", "For a showcase of department store", "Girl with no address") and Galina Grigorieva ("Dubrovsky", "Immortal Kashchei»)

Tatiana Doronin. Was married to Oleg Basilashvili, Edvard Radzinsky, Boris Himicheva.

Eugene Teterin ("Young Guard", "Case number 306", "The Grasshopper", "lives a guy") and V. Sorogozhskaya - Vasilisa the Beautiful picture of Alexander Rowe in 1939.

Svetlana and Vladimir Ivashov Svetlichnaya

Elsa Lezhdey and Vsevolod Safonov

Actors Vakhtangov Theatre - Yuri Yakovlev and Ekaterina Raikin, daughter Arkady Raikin

Inna Gulaya and Gennady Shpalikov

Clara onion and Sergey Lukyanov ("Kuban Cossacks", "Rumyantsev Case", "Big Family", "State criminal»)

Ivan Kozlovsky and Galina Sergeeva ("Vaseline", "actress»)

Natalia Gvozdikova and Yevgeny Zharikov with his son Fedor

Actors MAT - Kyunna Ignatov ("Liang", "Morning Again", "Wrestler and a clown", "The Story of a married") and Vladimir Belokurov ("Chkalov", "Elusive Avengers", "Striped flight»)

Actors of the St. Petersburg Academic Theater of Comedy them. H. Akimov - Irina and Anatoly Mazurkiewicz Ravikovitch

Muse Kreptogorskii and George Yumatov

The legendary couple of the Leningrad Youth Theater - Alexander and Antonina Khochinsky Shuranova.

Nicholas Hubenko and Jeanne Bolotov

Isolde Izvitskaya and Edward Bredun

Gennady Nikolaev ("Vertical", "Oles" Anna Karenina "). He was married to Svetlana Karpinskaya and Nina Urgant.

Catherine Gradova. Until Andrei Mironov was married to Maxim Strauch (Aibolit kinoskazki in 1938 and Lenin "... Poland," the "man with a gun" in "Vyborg Side" and many, many other films about the leader).

Andrei Mironov and Larissa Golubkina



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