10 forgotten habits happy couples

Eighty three million three hundred fifteen thousand six hundred seventy nine

How it warms my heart to look at a couple of 70-year old men that go hand in hand. They know some secret formula for everlasting love?

Anyway, and their relationship lasted for years, while breaking up a huge number of pairs and breaks a huge number of marriages. It appears to stand the test of time different happy couples help similar principles — those about which too many of us forget.

They remain common interests and found new things to bothCommon interests — that's what brings people with each other and keeps them together for many years. Continuing to share common interests and cultivating new, they spend more time together, enjoying each other's company.

No need to invent anything painfully! Pastime can be reduced to such simple things as watching a movie together when you sit down in front of the TV next to each other under the blanket.

Many modern couples forget about what common interests drew them together in the first place, and too busy to come up with a new one. When you live like two Maverick, not bothering to allocate time for General recreational activities, and everyone is passionate about something, it may have a detrimental effect on your relationship in the long run.

Together they go to bed each nightA happy couple they say that it is very important to maintain love otpravlyaya to bed at the same time. Melissa Orlov, author of The ADHD Effect on Marriage, writes that each pair creates its own "sacred time", and it is connected with the bedroom. This is the time when partners can dedicate to each other all confidential minutes, filled with love and affection.

Further, Orlov argues that it's okay if the partner will be back after this to some business. The main thing — to create a kind of ritual, during which you together see the expiring day.

Many modern couples live on different schedules and don't attach importance to who and when went to sleep. Instead of sitting in the living room in front of a flickering screen while your partner goes to bed, go after him into the bedroom. Interesting TV show you can watch together, cuddling under a blanket.

Never go to bed in a ragethe Happiest of couples say this is their fundamental rule!

Interviews conducted with spouses whose marriage had from 50 to 60 years suggest that this is not a cliché, and a very deep Board.

When you're getting to sleep, experiencing anger at a partner, you lay unresolved "bricks of resentment" between you and are feeling and indignation will go far beyond an evening of conversation.

Before you go to bed, realize that your relationship does not boil down to this clash, and make it clear to your partner that you love him.

Today, too many couples ignore this fundamental rule and go to bed irritated. If it becomes a habit, it can cause irreparable harm to the relationship.

They hug and kiss each other, starting and ending each dayHappy couple admit that they begin and end each day with a hug and a kiss. According to psychologists, the arms are capable of producing positive feelings and improve health. When we hug, says Andrea F. Poland, the hormone oxytocin is released, which is responsible for feelings of attachment, closeness, trust and intimacy.

Today, partners are often neglected tactile contact, some for days and weeks you forget what it is to hug and kiss. The lack of such proximity can, in the end, to give the relationship some serious damage.

They trust their partner,Couples in which there is mutual trust, much less prone to conflict. Katherine Morris says: "Confidence — the cradle of building a lasting relationship."

Confidence in your partner, faith in him is a guarantee that couples will be able to rely on each other and trust each other when things got tight. Today there is a feeling that doubt, distrust — component relationships very many pairs. Ultimately, this creates an atmosphere of excessive anxiety, but in such circumstances your relationship will never be disclosed in its entirety.

They thank instead of apologizing all theHappy couples focus on the positive aspects of the relationship instead of dwelling on the negative. When you shift the focus on the positive and thank the partner for his patience, instead of this mess constantly apologize, you niveliruya the importance of his failed act.

Today partners often point to the shortcomings of each other and forget that they are imperfect. First of all, you should love each other, but love does not count faults. Instead of apologizing for their flaws, and focus your attention on the fact that the partner accepts you as you are, and it can strengthen the relationship.

They note the achievements of each otherPeople who are in happy relationships, are proud to partner and celebrate even the small achievements on the principle that if it's important to him, so important to me. Each of us has his personal goals and his partners encouraging each other, interested in each other's successes and inspire doesn't stop there. Nowadays many are inclined to forget that to be happy means to be a team. And the team has no place for your I. Never take the time to celebrate the success of the partner and to support him.

They constantly give each other little Radostev successful relationship, even small steps are rewarded handsomely. Happy couples constantly coming up with some nice stuff to please the partner. It can be something simple and uncomplicated, like to stick to the lunch box a sticker with the words "I love you" or to walk the dogs when your boyfriend or girlfriend is too tired for this. In these days, couples forget that the benefits not associated with obtaining. If you continue to make surprises to your partner, in the end, he will answer you the same; but even if this does not happen, by themselves, your efforts will bring you lots of joy.

They recognize each other's feelingsa Happy couple not necessarily all agree with each other, but they understand that the important thing is the recognition of the other person's feelings that this is an important component of a successful relationship. Simply saying, "I understand how you feel" gives you a huge advantage!

Saying that, you leave the roots of the problems on the surface, instead of deep to bury them, so deal with them becomes very difficult. Today, the partners tend to tell each other about these or other exciting their feelings. If you are interested in how well your boyfriend or girlfriend, this leads to the fact that injuring his or her emotions deeply engraved in the soul. Thus, instead of support partner, you eventually just break. And then close to the collapse of relations.

They have a sense of humoryou'll Never guess how to turn life. Happy couples have learned to joke, to cope with adversity and look at life easier. There are even annual conferences, where people teach how to use humor in personal relationships.

The ability to smile and to look at things requires important conditions: respect for the subject of jokes. Today some couples are blended humor and harsh sarcasm. Sarcasm can wound the person if you are too close to painful for him topics. Install basic rules and respect each other's boundaries when it comes to jokes.published


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