The world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Mark Galston of the habits that have happy couples and, by the way, if you decide to adopt them, do not forget about the habit number 7!

Dr. Mark Galston - the world-renowned psychiatrist and author of several best-selling books already. In addition, he is also an active blogger. And his article "10 habits of happy couples," read more than half a million people from all over the world.

No matter what state your relationship - you will still be interesting to read about what habits Dr. Galston considers important to the magic of love between you and your other half did not end ever :)

1. Try to get to bed at the same time

Remember the beginning of your relationship, when you could not wait for the moment when find yourself in the same bed together to finally make love. Happy couples resist the temptation to go to bed at different times. They go to sleep at the same time, even if one of the partners then quietly gets up to do chores without disturbing dream lover.

2. Get a general interest

After the initial raging fire of passion fade away, replaced by a steady flame of love, many couples find that they have, in general, does not have much in common. But do not underestimate the importance of what you can do (and enjoy) together. And even if you are not so many common interests, you can easily find something that will appeal to both of you (unless you want to be a happy couple). And do not forget about their own interests and hobbies - so you will not only be interesting for your partner, but will look less dependent on him.

3. If you go somewhere together - hold hands or walk near

When the happy couple goes somewhere with them there is no such that one of the partners was behind another or running in front - no, they go hand in hand, or at least close to each other. They know that the desire to be close to each other much more important than the desire to come somewhere first.

4. Let your usual "mode" will trust

If (or rather when) you quarreled or quarrel, you know - happy couples and happy because they are willing to trust each other and to forgive each other instead cultivate distrust and anger.

5. Try to think more about what your partner is doing the right thing, and less - that he does not

If you try to discover in your partner alone deficiencies can trust me - you will find them in abundance. But just as you'll find in it and good. It all depends on what you are looking for. Happy couples are set to positive.

6. hugging each other, meeting in the evening after work

Our skin has a memory of "good touch" (love), "bad touch" (violence) and "no touch" (contempt). And when you hello or goodbye to his "other half", accompanying it with open arms, you just plunge into "good touch" - and they, in turn, help us to move any adversity.

7. Talk to each other "I love you" and "good day" every morning

It's a great way to recharge in the morning a good charge of tolerance and good humor with which you can go fight the traffic jams, long lines, and other unpleasant phenomena.

8. Every evening, wishing each other good night - no matter how sincere you are doing

This tells your partner that no matter how much you hurt him or her, you still value your relationship, and you want them to continue. This suggests that what is happening between you, and far more important than a single unpleasant incident.

9. Do not forget to ask each other, how are you doing

Do not forget from time to time to call your partner at home or at work, to see how his day. It's a great way to know in advance what you expect from him or her when you meet in the evening. For example, if your partner's day was just awful, you can hardly expect him sincere joy to your cloudless day.

10. Rejoice that you see along

Happy couples do not seem shy people together, more than that - they enjoy what they see during any emotional contact, whether it is an ordinary touch to the arm or shoulder, or a passionate kiss. And they are not trying to shock those of others - they just want to show that they belong to each other and are happy with it.

The habits of happy couples are very different from the miserable habits. But what is a habit? This particular pattern of behavior that you are doing automatically and maintenance of which does not require you effortlessly. For any behavior has become a habit, it should be repeated at least 21 days - and if you will adopt behaviors that are described in this article, they will certainly make your personal relationship where healthier and happier. And remember - if you do not get to do it right the first time - do not despair. Just apologize to your partner, ask his forgiveness, and continue to work on the acquisition of good habits.

If happily in love and everyday life, as well as success and would any key, then certainly a part of it would be the following: in conversation with people to listen more than talk, more interesting than trying to interest, and more admired than you delight.

Mark Goulston


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