The brightest star of Soviet times marriages. Who would have thought that behind the scenes such passions boil ...

We have to admit that the great country of the USSR at the time gave the world a truly brilliant film and theater actors who became heroes not for one generation. They admired their appearance were looking forward to all the spectators, each of the image adored by millions. Here are just a few ordinary mortals knew what was going on in the privacy of your favorite actors. But sometimes there are seething passion that would not be enough for one episode!

Internet magazine reveals to you the scenes of private life of famous actors of the USSR. I bet you could not even think that some of them were married as many as seven times, and favorite characters of popular movies portrayed the love of the screen is not fun - they're actually married! Sometimes eminent actors of theater and cinema so often change partners that now, years later, it is difficult even to trace the chronology of events. Catch the star portion of the marriage of the former Soviet Union, which is a benchmark for many ordinary families in those years.

Leah Akhedzhakova and Valery Spout. They met while working in the Youth Theatre, but unfortunately, the pair married life did not work. B>

Lanovoi Vasily and Tatiana Samoilova. First love, first marriage, first disappointment. B>

Irina Kupchenko and Vasily Lanovoi. The couple have two wonderful sons, Alexander and Sergei. B>

The main characters of the movie "The first glove" - ​​Nadezhda Cherednichenko and Ivan Pereverzev. In 1947, they met on the set and got married. The marriage was not strong - in 1951, the couple divorced. B>

Frunzik Mkrtchyan and Donar Pilosyan. The history of this love is quite tragic. Donar seriously ill and the last twenty years of his life in a psychiatric hospital in Sevan. B>

Ivan courtesy and Marina Ladynina. The marriage was not very long. Ironically, shortly after the divorce Lyubeznov married the sister Marina Ladynina. B>

Vladimir Soshalsky. You'll be surprised, but this actor has officially been married seven times. The most famous of his wife Olga Aroseva Alina Pokrovskaya, Nelly Podgornaya, Nonna Mordjukova. In addition, the famous actor had many more novels on the side. B>

Sweethearts Soviet public - Nonna Mordjukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov. We met during the filming of "The Young Guard". The couple lived in a marriage for 13 years, have a son, Vladimir. B>

The founders of the theater "Contemporary" - Oleg Efremov and Lilia Tolmachev (the first wife of the actor). The marriage was short-lived, but the creative union preserved. B>

Vladimir Basov. All three of his wives - one of the most beautiful actress of our cinema: Rose Makagonova Natalia Fateev, Valentina Titova. Admit it, the actor was unsurpassed taste! B>

Favorite fairy tale characters - Alex and Vera Konsovskiy Altai. The marriage was a sad and not very long. Actors daughter Svetlana, who soon took Konsovskiy and educated himself. B>

Anastasia and Alexander Gradski Vertinskaya. Soon the actress admitted to the public that considered the relationship with the actor is not married, and torment. B>

Nikita Mikhalkov and Anastasia Vertinskaya. The first love of the great actress. The newlyweds were married when their hands have been six-month son Stepan. B>

Oleg and Marianne Strizhenovy - Arthur and Gemma in the film Alexander Fayntsimmera "The Gadfly", 1955. The couple have a daughter, actress Natalia Strizhenova. B>

Lionella Pyreva - another passion Oleg Strizhenova.

Vladimir Etush and Ninel Myshkova ("The House I Live In", "Mary-mistress"). Despite the fervent feelings between the actors, their marriage was short-lived. B>

Vladimir Etush and Elena Izmailov ("Secret Agent", "Captain at Fifteen"). For a long time the artists were in a civil marriage. B>

Vladimir Vysotsky and Lyudmila Abramova (the second wife of the great genius). The couple had two sons, Arkady and Nikita. B>

Burlyaev Nikolay and Natalya Varley. This marriage opposed actor Leonid Filatov and his friends Vladimir Kachan and Mikhail Zadornov, but to no avail. B>

Burlyaev Nikolai and Natalia Bondarchuk. The couple have two children together: John and Mary. B>

A rare shot: two Natasha's two wives Koli Burljaeva - Varley and Bondarchuk.

Hell Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov. This marriage was one of the strongest among the stellar elite. B>

Tatiana Doronin. She was married to Oleg Basilashvili, Edvard Radzinsky, Boris Himicheva. B>

Clara Lucko and Sergei Lukyanov ("Kuban Cossacks", "Rumyantsev Case", "Big Family", "State criminal"). Seeing the young actress, Sergey threw up his hands and cried: "Everything I have gone!» B>

Actors of the St. Petersburg Academic Theater of Comedy. H. Akimov - Irina and Anatoly Ravikovitch Mazurkiewicz. Married happy wife stayed in '32. B>

Gennadi Nikolaev ("Vertical", "Olesya", "Anna Karenina"). He was married to Svetlana Karpinskaya and Nina Urgant. B>

Catherine Gradova. Before Andrei Mironov was married to Maxim Strauch (Aibolit kinoskazki in 1938 and Lenin in the "man with a gun" in the "Vyborg side" and many other films about the leader). B>

Andrei Mironov and Larissa Golubkina. The marriage lasted 10 years until the tragic death of the brilliant actor. B>

It is sad that many of these great men have long been dead. Nevertheless, they will remain forever in the hearts of audiences young, beautiful, sensual and truly brilliant. And after this post you probably realized that they - the same people, like everyone else, so nothing human was alien. At their age, too, I was in love at first sight, and fatal marriages, divorces and loud and sensational treason. However, in the first place they will stay in our memory as skilled professionals, for what they are great thanks.

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