With this unique bridge you can pass through any river ... Just like in the Bible!

Do you think that miracles - it's fiction, and a relic of biblical times? And here and there! It is necessary to admit that today we, ardent skeptics already difficult than a surprise, but the architects from the Netherlands managed to do it. Look at this wonderful bridge, which is located in the town of Halsteren in the vicinity of historical monument Fort-de-Ruwer, and you believe in the existence of magic! With this simple construction you could literally go through every river ... Although immediately take the example of the ancient biblical prophets, and boldly go on the water! The fact is that during the construction of the bridge architects of the company RO & AD took the idea from the Bible, where the prophet Moses to save the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, God made not without the help of the Red Sea parted. After that Moses led his people right along the bottom of the sea. This original design is even called the "Bridge of Moses».

The bridge was built during the reconstruction works of the XVII century.


Setting the architects were - to build pedestrian invisible bridge that would not spoil the historical landscape, but it served as a passage through the channel.


To avoid flooding, on both sides of the bridge shafts are located, which in the case of floods will divert excess water and keep it unchanged level ..


In 2011, this bridge even awarded the title of "Best Building of the year».


When are people on the bridge, then over the water surface only their heads visible.



This place is very popular among tourists!


It turns out there are quite a number of miracles! This bridge is really - a work of art. It fits perfectly into the environment. Be sure to show this architectural masterpiece to your friends!

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