Top bridges for hiking (9 photos)

On our planet, there are many amazing bridges: one associated with an ancient history, while others were built on a curious architectural projects. In the post, the most interesting of them, walk on these bridges will make a lot of great pictures.

Tower Bridge
London, UK
Drawbridge across the River Thames was opened in 1894. Its two towers connected by a horizontal shift, became a symbol of the city and the whole of England, their image is now replicated on millions of souvenirs, and now few people remember that immediately after the construction of the bridge was chosen by the gallery for their gatherings London thieves. Now famous towers are located within interactive displays and photographs related to the history of the bridge. Walk through the Tower Bridge will not take much time, and the upper gallery, you can make some of the best pictures of the British capital.

Ponte Vecchio
Florence, Italy
Medieval bridge over the narrowest part of the river Arno in Florence - the oldest bridge of the city. It was built in 1345 specifically to the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I could pass from the Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti. Ponte Vecchio is different from all the bridges in the world that on either side of the house built. First, from the XVI century, there appeared a lot of shops, which then turned into jewelery workshops, for which even the bridge became known as the "gold».

Charles Bridge
Prague, Czech Republic
One of the world's most beautiful bridges spanned the river Vltava. It connects the two historical district of the Czech capital - the Old Town and Malá Strana. Its construction began in 1357 during the reign of King Charles IV. Today, it is decorated with 30 sculptures, including a patron of the bridge of St. Vitus, John of Nepomuk, (by the way, touching his image promises happiness) and, of course, the Charles IV.

Brooklyn Bridge
New York, USA
One of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States connects the island of Manhattan and the East River area, allowing pedestrians to admire the spectacular views of the skyline of New York. He became a symbol of the city, and a historical monument. New Yorkers have had to leave him on the famous island in the center of the "Big Apple" by foot, such as during power outages in 1965, 1977 and 2003, and after the attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001.


Golden Gate Bridge
Giant suspension bridge across the Golden Gate Strait, which opens access to the Pacific Ocean, has been declared one of the wonders of the modern world. It connects the city of San Francisco to Marion County. Its length is 1970 meters, so leisurely walk will take you at least an hour, and it can be done only by the light of day. Pedestrians can cross the bridge for free, but if you decide to drive through it by car to the south, will have to pay $ 6. This bridge is also known as the most photographed in the world, and yet he has gained notorious "suicide bridge": people decide to commit suicide on it on average once every two weeks.

Bridge "Waves Henderson»
Singapore's highest bridge (its supports are raised above the ground at 36 meters) connects Mount Faber Park to Park Telok Blangah Hill. Seven smooth bends of the bridge like a wave. Inside them you can relax - there are comfortable armchairs from which you will be able to see the city leisurely. "Henderson Waves" is especially impressive at night (from 7 pm to 2 am) when the bends, ennobled soft yellow light, become even more prominent.

Pont d'Iena
Paris, France
In your Parisian routes must be enabled Pont d'Iena connecting the Trocadero and the Palais de Chaillot (where the Anthropological Museum, the Naval Museum and the French Cinematheque) with the left bank of the Seine, the Champs de Mars and leads you to the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The bridge was built by Napoleon in honor of his Prussian victories and perhaps in itself is not as beautiful as some others, richly decorated with gold leaf and sculptures Parisian bridges, but to walk on it you need for the best views on the "iron lady".

Jacques Cartier Bridge
Montreal, Canada
Jacques Cartier Bridge spanned across the St. Lawrence River to the island of St. Helena. On it is worth a stroll rather than admiration for its architecture, but for the sake of luxury species on Montreal. The best time for such hiking trip - summer season of fireworks competition, when the movement of motor transport on it stops (usually from mid-June to mid-August), or in September during the Montreal marathon "Oasis".

Sydney, Australia
If you decide to walk over this bridge, you will have several options. You can just go through it on foot and enjoy the views of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House, you may also like industrial climbers to climb the bridge supports. For such an exciting journey you will attach to a special steel rope belay and provide special protective clothing, which will save from the weather and other troubles. Your path will begin on the east side, where, having overcome all the vertices, you go down to the west.



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