Living Architecture - really!

This publication is sent to your reader in a unique India, where everything is amazing and fabulous, but we are not talking about enlightenment and miracles, and the amazing natural bridges or as they are called "living bridges» ...

What you see now in the photo is an example of living architecture! All these bridges are plexus roots of living trees! This is a real live architecture, is not it amazing ?!
The fact that India, namely Cherrapunji is in the top list of the most humid places of the Earth. For this reason, local land literally covered with roots of various plants, all of them there is no need to go deep into the soil - even enough moisture on its surface. All these bridges, which are depicted in photographs, woven from the roots of living trees and in reality it looks amazing! Of course, this is not wholly the work of Mother Nature, this beauty of a hand man ...

The thing is that the local tribe of Khasis (Khasis) has long been "tamed" nature - for centuries these amazing people are engaged in cultivation of living bridges. All these natural bridges woven from the roots of Ficus Elastica or "Ficus elastica" - a tree with a well-developed root system.

In order to indicate the correct direction of roots to grow, the people of the tribe «Khasis» trunks used walnut, which gradually entwine roots of Ficus elastica. When the roots get to the shore, they grow back into the soil. On average, the creation of such a bridge goes live here 15 years. It is noteworthy that the Natural Bridges is getting stronger. Today, there are bridges that are more than 600 years, and they are easily bear the weight of 50 people!
Once again, all this emphasizes the uniqueness and originality of India, you have to see these living bridges!


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