Device Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg

The most recognizable and structurally complex bridge of Saint Petersburg - Palace, but ordinary people see it only from above, from the side or with a maximum of water, and will never guess what is inside the bridge. I suggest it is urgent to fix and see what it looks like after renovation. His name was built in 1912-1916 years on the bridge I got close to him the Winter Palace and the Palace Embankment. By 2008, the Palace Bridge exhausted their resources, and October 21, 2012 just a year has been completely renovated.

At 2 am, I phoned from occurring, throw the car near the rostral columns and go to the bridge.

One kilometer away from the Palace Bridge illuminated Peter and Paul Fortress. By the way, you can watch a very interesting optical effect from the Palace Bridge Fortress seems much further than what the Palace Bridge with the Peter and Paul Fortress beach.

I went down the inside through the fenced grid stairs.

I pass by a small corridor and see a whopper overhanging wing of the bridge. The bridge is 250 m, and the length of the span - 39 meters. Older wings come in emergency state, and were completely renovated. On the reconstruction of the Palace Bridge spent about 1,500 tons of new metal have been replaced by the old and constantly breaking down gear type hydraulic drive.

After the official delivery of the bridge October 19, 2013 the techniques necessary tweaking guidance system.

Building bridges is controlled by a small remote control with touch screen. Unfortunately, all the electronics - foreign production.

The entire bridge can be flattened and divorced three minutes. Pontifex never say 'keep the bridge ", to use instead the expression" put span ».

Remote control of the pump station

The wings of the bridge are raised to 61 °. The maximum allowed lifting angle - 69 °. After lifting the wing is supported wedged mechanism.

Computer video management and technological scheme aiming wing

That night in the city of wind blew with gusts up to 16 m / c. When the wind is strong oscillations can reach up to 1.5m. Graph oscillation top of the bridge can be seen on a laptop.

Remote control guidance system

As with all the cunning console has a small nest egg for taynichok

The control cabinet casement and parking lights, as well as the reception of video surveillance.

With the span can attack up to 100 kg of garbage.

Counterweight lowers and holds span, as opposed to holding wedged mechanism, which is located in the well at a depth of 6.0 meters below the normal level of water in the Neva River.

For 15 seconds, the bridge takes quite a long distance to lubricate photo

Pipelines counterweight lift cylinders

Wade through a narrow gallery

Over the metal structure - roadway width of 22 meters. Visible lines cylinders struts, which planted a counterweight to unload wing.

And fallen trolley wires

Welder is resting, working at it today, it is not expected

In the distance the lifting cylinders with a diameter of 500 mm. Again, unfortunately foreign production.

Through the metal girders seen St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Admiralty Quay

One can see remnants of the old electromechanical lifting the gear mechanism.

Looking up at the span

And sideways

From the control center have access to the Neva River on a small balcony

Which is convenient to take the Winter Palace ...

St. Isaac's Cathedral

glowing in the distance 384,467 km Moon ...

And passing by tugs, barges, floating cranes and other vessels.

Magnificent panorama of the waters of the Neva night

Trinity Bridge in the distance, and behind him - Foundry.

Peter and Paul Fortress and Isaac

The building of the hotel "Saint Petersburg", the frigate "Grace" and the ugly building with shpilёm - a residential complex "Aurora»

Palace Embankment

Admiralty Embankment and the Palace of Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich, the grandson of Emperor Nicholas I, who had not lived a single day and in the building of

Blowing very strong wind and rain smears all the photos and finally banishes me home from the street.



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