Living Bridges

Bridge - one of the oldest inventions of mankind. It allows you to overcome physical obstacles such as a reservoir, and the valley road. However, in the world there are bridges and housing, in which people live and work. Such bridges are a rarity and because they are popular among tourists. Here are 7 residential bridges from around the world: 1. Ponte Vecchio, Italy Ponte Vecchio - the oldest bridge in Florence. It is believed that it existed here since the days of ancient Rome. Modern Ponte Vecchio was rebuilt in 1345, replacing the previous bridge, which was destroyed by flood. On the bridge built homes that were quite common in the Middle Ages.

Originally, the house was used as workshops, tanners and butchers shops. In 1593, Duke Ferdinand I decided to replace them with jewelry shops, as because of the shops on the bridge was too much debris, and an unpleasant smell. Today, on the bridge, you can find plenty of shops with a wide assortment of jewelry izdeliy.

2. Bridge Kremerbryuke, Germany Kremerbryuke bridge in the capital of Thuringia in Erfurt in Germany. The bridge, on both sides of which are residential and half brick houses, spans the coast Braytshtrom - sleeve Gera River, which connects the area of ​​Benedict and Venigemarkt.

Now the 32 buildings on the bridge are mainly shops and stalls. All buildings except homes at numbers 15, 20, 24 and 33 are the property of the municipality. City administration supports fund to preserve this unique historical monument. The largest festival in the city Krämerbrückenfest named after the bridge is celebrated annually in June.

3. Pont de Rohan, France Pont de Rohan Rohan bridge or bridge in a residential commune of Landerneau in north-western France. This bridge spans the river Elorn. It was built in 1336 and renovated in 1510 by a French nobleman Jean de Rohan. Initially, there are two shops, a mill and a prison.

Now there are two rows of houses on both sides, and it is a landmark of the commune Landerno.

4. Covered Bridge, Bulgaria Covered Bridge, as you might guess - a covered bridge, located in the town of Lovech in Bulgaria. The bridge crosses the river Osam, connecting the coast of old and new town of Lovech, being its most recognizable simvolom.

After the bridge was almost completely destroyed by a flood in 1872, the famous Bulgarian architect built a new wooden bridge. Above the bridge construction work throughout the city, from the poor, that built it themselves, to the rich, who donated money and paid work. Building construction ended in 1874. Its initial length has reached 84 meters, it was gateway 6 and 64 store. However, it was completely destroyed by fire in 1925.

A more modern version of the bridge was built in 1931, and then again it was reconstructed in 1981-82. The current bridge extends over 106 meters, and it has 15 stores. 5. Most traders France Bridge traders - a historic bridge in the city of Narbonne in the south of France. It serves as the basis for a number of houses and shops, under which passes through the old city canal Robin. This segmented bridge length of 15 metrov.

In Roman times it was the construction of six arches. Previously, under the bridge transportation of the goods, and now it is a commercial street with shops.

6. Pulteney Bridge, UK Pulteney Bridge crosses the River Avon in Bath in England. Its construction was completed in 1773, and he was counted among the commission "English Heritage" to the buildings of the 1st class of special significance. The bridge was built by the Scottish architect Robert Adam in honor of the heir to the village Basuik Francis Paltni.

He is one of four bridges in the world, along the entire length of which both sides are shops. Here you can find a flower shop, ancient maps and juice bar.

7. Most of the city Frum, United Kingdom This apartment is located in Bridge Frum north-east of Somerset in England. Most city Frum was built in 1667, and it is a building with several shops.

Other unusual bridges in which people live:
Bridge House ("The House on the Bridge"), UK Bridge House in Ambleside was built over the creek Stock Gil more than 300 years ago. Perhaps it was the summer house and apple store. For centuries, the building on the bridge served as a residential home for the family, souvenir shops, a weaving workshop and information tsentrom.

The building gained the locals in 1926 and gave it to the British National Fund objects of historic interest or natural beauty. The Old Mill, France The Old Mill is a symbol of Vernon of the commune in the northern part of France, covering the two piers of the ancient bridge over the Seine River. Probably, the mill was built in the 16th century and is now a private property of an unknown American naslednika.

Several years ago, the mill upgraded. Now her image can be found on the post the logo of the city, and it is often drew artists, including Claude Monet's famous.



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