City Pervouralsk. It was like there. What will?

The history of the city before and after the Soviet Union.

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Pervouralsk City owes its origin mainly rich deposits of ore. These deposits and determined the fate of the city as an industrial giant, thanks to them we know our city as one of the centers of industry in the Urals. In 1920, the second in September happened to our historic village event yet he changed the name to Shaytanka at Pervouralsk. By the way the name was derived from Pervouralsk plant, which was located in these places and was called "The First Ural factory of seamless pipes and rolled." After a while, Pervouralsk received the same status of the city. Plant and still is the main enterprise.

The same seamless tube plant in 1913.
In post-revolutionary and pre-war city mostly consisted of wooden buildings and roads paved and stone blocks.

The ranks of the builders of a new pipe plant in Pervouralsk always replenished. Here and former peasants, and special settlers (in other words - the exiles), and "recruited" from different areas of the country. Many came with their families. Therefore, once the question arose where people live? They lived in huts and dugouts, and the ideologues of Soviet architecture were already planning to have a new type of housing - socialist city - a single complex includes residential and public buildings, hospitals, schools, stadiums, parks, and other attributes of the imminent socialist future.

The first social town houses approx. mid 30s

Photo '35 celebration of the 1 st of May.

Like mushrooms after the rain multiplied villages of mud huts, barracks and plywood houses packed sawdust. "The increase in crime is not given to the city after dark to go out - wrote V. Kozhekin - school children took up the underclass, rapidly growing drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Even faster, the dead workers and members of their families, filled the city cemetery ».
But the population still increased Pervouralsk. Increasing number of pre-school and school institutions.
In 1938 in the area, there were 14 nurseries and 18 kindergartens.
Along with the pre-school institutions there are also new schools: 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 15, secondary school in the village Bilimbai club pioneers, two children's theater, children's technical stations and the city museum.
The first town houses Pervouralsk 1940.

Lenin street. One of the central streets.

In the early '40s Pervouralsk lives in anticipation of large-scale reconstruction.
"In the coming years the population of Pervouralsk increase to 100 thousand people - said in February 1941 the newspaper" Ural worker ". In this regard, the old city is reconstructed in a southerly direction. There will be live performance, employees and engineers and technical workers of plants: the silica, hrompikovogo, old and new pipe mills. On the main streets are built of two-, three- and four-storey building, envisages the construction of the House of Soviets, the House of Culture, Communications House, several schools, hospitals, libraries and museums. The city will be water supply and sewerage. It is also the construction of two parks - the center on the left bank of the pond of the city and district in the ship's grove. In February 1941, the College Narkomhoza RSFSR adopted the general project of Pervouralsk and now the city has built up on the new project ».

In the first two years of the war the population of Pervouralsk markedly increased. "After a twelve-hour work at the unloading equipment and installation people were going to finish building the fifth quarter in Sotsgorod laid before the war - said I. Baev.
To judge the grand scale of construction work in those years we give a few figures from the article Vladimir Anatolyevich Drotkevicha. "If the excavated soil from the earthen wall to make a meter wide, 5 meters high, it will stretch for 100 kilometers. From the laid bricks could make the wall a meter high, which would have girded area of ​​32 square kilometers and stretches for 128 kilometers in length. 15000 stacked cubes of concrete, 450,000 square meters of plastered walls. Covered 250,000 meters of roofs. Manufactured and installed 15 levels of steel structures ».

Palace of Culture on Dinas end of the 50s. One can see the sculptures and vases currently dismantled due to disrepair. Part of the facade of the moldings also dismantled.

Since the palace was built 50 years.

Plans for the first postwar five-year plan for the development of Pervouralsk impressive today. Only Sotsgorod planned to build 40,000 square meters of landscaped residential area, clinic, technical pipe-rolling industry, recreation park, a central stadium, department stores, nurseries, canteens, schools; pave 80 kilometers of roads and horse-drawn and laid 28 kilometers of water networks. For one only in 1946 in quarters Sotsgorod was scheduled to build 12 five-apartment houses, 36 three-apartment houses, 10 individual cottages and six one-story dormitories for married workers.
The fifties - this time the birth of the main avenue, street Vatutina. Direct and wide, it begins to build in the style of "Soviet neo-classical." On the red line the streets out the regular rectangles quarters. Residential areas extending from the main street to the east and west, had its internal compositional axis symmetrical main thoroughfare. For residential buildings located childcare facilities and urban backyards, fairly large in size with semi-closed or closed space. Often they are decorated in small architectural forms: fountains, decorative fences, arbours and rotundas. What is clearly linked to the terrain, a perfect vision of the future! The street seemed to take off, starting relatively low 3-storey building at the bottom and concisely finishing high 5-storied buildings - at the top. "Vatutin Street - just a textbook for architects - says the chief architect of Pervouralsk Andrey was raw. This whole, with a single street style is rarely seen, even in large cities. By and large - a monument of architecture ».

Str. Vatutin

Apparently cabling to lanterns. Lanterns are made with taste as monograms and suspended them balls. I am reminded of pearl earrings.

It is a special event was the appearance of the Pervouralsk City Stadium. "Anyone who has visited the opening day - August 30, 1955 at the new stadium, with their own eyes saw its splendor - the newspaper" Ural Trubnik ».
Speaking of sports facilities that time, be sure to mention the sports pavilion, open for factory stadium "Metallurg" 3 April 1960. The world champion on skates Stenina Valentine had said: "Today I am happy for all pervouraltsev that there opens a wonderful Palace of Sports. I can say, I envy you because we in Sverdlovsk is no such constructions ».


Now the stadium gates are simplified, sculptures there.


Start 60s was remarkable by the fact that the city "has come" gas. And though it was not yet the main gas and bottled gas, but how it makes life easier. Initially, it was the plate with individual gas cylinders, and then appeared in the courts of the collective specialized installation, and only in the spring of 1965 in the city was the main gas from Turkmenistan. And at this time in Pervouralsk appeared: new bakery (30 December 1960.), A dispensary Pipe Plant (March 11, 1963.), The first widescreen cinema "Kosmos" (October, 1963.), The first in the Large School №35 in the village Dinas (October 1963)., a modern city printing (March 14, 1964.) and its own brewery (the first batch of Pervouralsk beer went on sale December 30, 1965).
At that time, in the city there were 48 schools, 12 schools for young workers, three technical, general technical faculty of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, more comfortable hospital complexes, 28 clubs, 2 of the Palace and 4 houses of culture, 80 libraries with a million collection of books, 90 kindergartens and nurseries, 240 shops, 168 catering.

Polyclinic sat down to 60th

Hospital next to the clinic. Early 60's. Demolished in the late 90s.

Instead clinics. Early 60's. Today the building (where there are children) are abandoned after a fire. Behind the building is now built a new prison.

60s. School №2. Touches wooden fences enclosing the lawns. They lived right up to the 80s. Carefully planted young trees ... Now is not possible to break down the fence, trees pull up instantly.

Hallmark has since become the Palace of Culture Pipe Plant. Built on a hill in the middle of the broad street Vatutina beautiful palace for many years was the proud pervouraltsev. Professionally designed, quality built and beautifully decorated. Stained glass, glass, marble, granite, mosaic painting - all beautifully and accurately. Inauguration of the Palace of Culture was held August 13, 1966.
1967 - is the year of jubilee - 50 years of the Soviet state. At that time, new buildings appeared in Pervouralsk in large numbers and sometimes in the most unexpected places. So, on the southern outskirts Sotsgorod appeared widescreen cinema "Sunrise". In addition, in 1967, completed its work on water supply drinking water to the city of Revda. In the same year it was completed major work on the reconstruction of municipal wastewater treatment plants on the Chusovaya. However, the special pride of the townspeople began to open August 10, 1968, the grand Palace of ice sports.

The central area of ​​the city recreation center Novotrubny zavoda1967g. The facade is decorated with colorful mosaics. On one side is depicted a scientist think about the drawings and the rocket takes off, a symbol of the high academic achievements of those years. The right side shows a woman breast-feeding a baby - a symbol of motherhood. Above sunny city with tall buildings and pine trees - it seems a reminder of the pine forests surrounding Pervouralsk and once grown on this point, the solar city represents a new modern Pervouralsk.

Ice Palace. End of 60th

Pervouralsk sixties and seventies - is a solid construction site. In the short term they grow and form new urban neighborhoods. Recruits, having served two years in Ami wondered how dramatically changed the city.

Photos of buildings spread with great pleasure. After all, the grand building has been almost no construction of this multi-billion dollar less Grozny. Only here it was then the norm, not the arrogant ambition of "local potentates."











80-ies of XX century, became a landmark in the development of Pervouralsk. After all, the city of 250 years, and it is going to celebrate this anniversary of the townspeople in 1982. On the anniversary of preparing thoroughly. Among anniversary objects: a palace of culture "Builder", built on the former site of the club industry (1980.); Palace of Pioneers on Lenin Avenue (1981.); road bridge over the railway line near the village of Talitsa (1982.); dental clinic on the Avenue of Cosmonauts (1982.), and a new hotel. And April 10, 1982 the youth experimental theater-studio "variant" showed the first performance of "Romeo and Juliet." November 6, 1987, the eve of the 255th anniversary of its inhabitants received another gift - the Palace of water sports.

On the avenue Lenin Square, 80th of XX century. Archive Museum of "PATH»

Since the mid-90s of the XX century building in the capital city is slowly dying. In April 1998, General Director of JSC "Trust UTTS" PA Kozhemyako was forced to say: "From the beginning, Pervouralsk not prepared to surrender a single square meter of housing. Silence, but, alas, not the grace and industrial enterprises of the city, not modernized and reconstructed. Today, builders are professionals out of work ».
By the end of the century the situation had deteriorated to the point of builders that UTTS Trust was forced to get rid of than before so proud. The building is the SU-3 were placed under car fleet department of internal affairs, the building SU-4 departed Savings Bank, and the Palace of Culture "Builder" at all, it is not clear who is gone.

The following picture is the current state of the city. What turns Pervouralsk in a free, democratic, stable Russia. In a country where United Russia "made a lot of achievements" and "We have become better dressed," as well as "began to sow more land, medicine has become a good and housing is no problem," city - legacy of the poor of the Soviet Union is gradually turning into dust . Once clean streets vaguely resemble garbage.



Some Tiny izrisoval all homes abbreviated as "GLC", he considers himself a bomber, it was his protest against what only ...

Playground. Red said missing items. Actually it was one of the biggest playgrounds. There were basketball and volleyball; sports complex for young; Sports Complex (pictured) for large; football field, ; 4-D large swings; 2 Island carousel; tennis table; 2nd sandbox. Now, more than half of the listed no. What is left in a state unsuitable for use. Sports and playgrounds is a separate issue for review of their poor condition, for me right index disregard for the state to future generations of the country. And those few sites are established, transformed into a political show, advertising of specific deputies and parties. Basically thus attracting the electorate and as a party.

Stadium. Sculpture is long gone. -klumby Vases for flowers absent.

Fencing around the stadium, like the tower of Pisa has an inclination angle.

Pervouralsk, sports event at the stadium. Sculptures in the Russian oil and gas are only now, not like in a poor Union.

So was the city



The same place. Current state. (Pay attention to the incident frnarny post).

And so it was.

To the right is another falling lamppost. The first floors of the city spray paint spray-painted and plastered with advertising scraps.

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Modern lampposts do not carry nor any aesthetics. Cropped poplar look dead and added to the gloomy colors in the overall image of the city. The crane in the distance, it is unfinished, has already drawn-years 10.

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The grim face of Khrushchev. But thanks to Khrushchev for "Khrushchev" for Brezhnev "brezhnevki" Stalin for "Stalinka", because the vast majority of Pervouraltsev live in them and hope to move into a new apartment people do not have. Even the "lifetime" mortgage slaves pervouralets not everyone can afford. Lamppost falls again.

60 Tide. Vase-center bed adorned gazebo. To the left you can see the same

And now. Long time no vases and fence. The roof is full of holes. Vegetation without a care now resembles a jungle.
... Swing, swing, too, no.

So Pevruralsk once was.


None of this is already there.

Culture and Aesthetics in Pervouralsk died with the collapse of a great country, died not only in the appearance of the city, but also in the hearts of the majority of citizens.

The central area of ​​the city after the celebration of Metallurgist. Spivayuscheese future.



Did their parents and grandparents were the same?

Is booze their ancestors in the central square where the parade ...


But since returned thanks to the legendary builders and workers Pervouralsk current government.

The queue of pensioners at the palace NTRP. For pensioners a special warm welcome. In the distance, even the duty ambulance.

Only the mosaic on the facade of the palace NTRP recalls the past glories of Pervouralsk.
"In Pervouralsk in DC PATH and Palace of Culture. Lenin had three days handing out food parcels to pensioners, consisting of corned beef cans, cans of condensed milk, pound packs of noodles, sunflower oil and sweets. Along with the food packages issued card with the logo "United Russia" and congratulations to mark the Day for the Elderly (October 1 is celebrated, the action takes place in mid-September). This «URA.Ru» informed readers, as well as representatives of the city branch of the Communist Party. At the same time, according to some sources, only veterans pet gifts PATH, on the other - all retired pensioners of the city, of which there are over 50 thousand. »
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