Simple living space DPRK

As you know, housing zlobodneven, acute care, and many citizens.
Let's see how this issue is resolved in the DPRK, a country of real socialism.
The three-room housing 3 people live, more recently, 4. The eldest daughter, joining in marriage, moved to new comfortable housing.
How does Kim Jong Il - in the standard 130-meter apartment does not have to live several generations of adults,
exception - only if parents need to care for children.


Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea - a city with a history of millennia. However, building it as a chronicle of the modern city of non-durable. Moreover, the United States imposed on the Korean War (1950-1953 gg.) I leave no stone unturned. At 370 thousand people at a time the city was dropped about 400 thousand bombs, the capital of Korea has been destroyed, so that there is not a whole house. Pyongyang had to re-raise from the ruins of the continuum.


In the postwar years, the Workers' Party of Korea and the Government of the Republic paid great attention to housing construction in Pyongyang that its residents can live more stable lives.


At the call of the Party and government have responded warmly builders of the capital. For example, only one in 1958 was built more than 20 thousand. Apartments. This affected the translation of production of building constructions on industrial rails, the introduction of the construction work of a number of rational and inventive innovations. In the assembly of structures of one apartment block of flats it took 14 minutes.


"When I arrived at the hotel - says foreign reportazhnik - from the windows of my room could see the buildings built 10 houses. A month later, at the time of my departure, I had lived in these houses settlers ».


The pace unprecedented in the world history of urban development, people called Pyongyang. These rates have become the pronoun astonishing rise of Korea in building socialism.


During the construction of Pyongyang as a modern city appeared the expression "period of prosperity in Pyongyang." From 1975 to the end of 1980 in the capital of the DPRK was erected many residential buildings along with the Juche Tower, the Triumphal Arch and other large monumental architectural structures, is considered a symbol of modern Korea.


Following the advent of the first in the capital streets Rakvon with high-rise apartment buildings began the first phase of construction of streets Chhangvan. In the central part of Pyongyang was completely demolished old street roundabout and erected high-rise housing estates with the beauty of a variety of forms. It was a turning point for a new forward progress and innovation in construction.


On the vast plain near the shore munsu Taedong River built the eponymous district equal in scope to the whole city. And new streets: Chhangvan (2nd place), Ahn Sang Taek, Chollima (2nd place), and so on. D. The newly landscaped residential areas in the central, eastern and western parts of Pyongyang, including street Podnamu (the time ) and Chhonnёn. In many parts of the capital are 20-, 30- and 40-storey residential buildings.


In the area of ​​Mangyongdae on a large scale of the new buildings turned Kvanbok prospectus that was the main link in the construction of 30 thousand. Apartments.


On both sides of the avenue in width and more than 100 total length of 6 km vysokoetazhnye lined rows of houses.


For the completion of construction of 30 thousand. Apartments in the capital began a new work on the construction of 50 thousand. Apartments. Only one Thonir Avenue, in the southern part of Pyongyang, built 30 thousand. Apartments. Where builders have created new pace of Pyongyang - the assembly of structures of one apartment was reduced to a maximum of 4, 9 minutes, the day ended with the construction of an average of more than 200 apartments.


In the new century, the WPK and the DPRK government, considering the welfare of the population of the supreme principle of its activities continue to pay great attention to housing construction in the capital. And in recent years carried out repair and reconstruction of houses in the street Ёngvan and other central streets of the capital to build large facilities in the home residents. For a short time to build the perfect new residential areas on Mansudae Street, after the demolition of the old.


Kim Jong Il defined the Mansudae Street built on a 130-meter high standard accommodation for a family, as a sample of houses of Koreans in a thriving nation. He has developed a new project: the end of 2012 to build 100 thousand in Pyongyang. Flat for said sample.



They are now being built in accordance with national systems emotional and aesthetic taste of the time, in a variety of architectural forms and colors in the original style. This is more clearly reveals the appearance of a thriving socialist nation, raised up in the East of the Earth.



De facto, not a simple matter for Korea, a small across the country, at the same time, and then a little more than 3 years to build the capital of 100 thousand. Apartments with all the amenities, exerting major efforts to create an economic power and turning villages and towns of the country, as they say, a socialist extravaganza at the height of the dictates of the new century. It is a shining example that shows how a consistent policy of the WPK, which considers the welfare of the people as the supreme principle of its activities as a considerable potential and the basis of an independent national economy of the DPRK.




"Create a new pace of Pyongyang in the construction of the capital and will open a period of prosperity in the era of Songun Pyongyang!" - Is the determination of the builders of 100 thousand. Apartments, the will of the entire Korean nation in 2012, the year of the 100th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.







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