North Korea would give Russian investors subsoil, Visa

North Korea in exchange for writing off the debt of the Soviet Russians to allow their natural resources and begin payments in rubles.

Against the backdrop of deteriorating relations with the most powerful Western states because of the Ukrainian question Russia begins to actively strengthen ties with the East. In particular, with the countries known for their not too friendly attitude toward the West. After the signing of the largest gas contract with China, already a strategic partner of Russia, the Russian authorities intend to strengthen its position even more sharply in the foreign policy of the DPRK.


Today Vladivostok representatives of Russia and the DPRK conducted a meeting of the intergovernmental commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation. Already announced a number of key agreements. Thus, the parties agreed to inter-state settlements in rubles.

"The decision to cancel the debt of the Russian Federation to the DPRK (on loans Soviet times, totaling more than $ 10 billion; the corresponding law was signed by Vladimir Putin in May; in exchange, according to" Kommersant ", Russia will be allowed to implement projects of" Gazprom "and the Russian Railways - "MK & quot;) has allowed us to reach a decision on a number of issues that could not be resolved because it was hanging over us this debt. Already this month between Russia and the DPRK will begin payments in rubles, will open the first accounts in Russian banks & quot ;, - quotes RIA "Novosti" Minister for Development of the Far East Alexander dumplings.

The main interest of Russia to North Korea - investment projects, including in the field of mining. Russian investors are ready to provide a variety of preferences. For example, for visitors on a business trip of Russian citizens will be facilitated visa regime, they would be allowed to freely use the Internet (a luxury for ordinary North Koreans) and mobile phones.

Finally, the Russians will facilitate access to natural resources of North Korea. "We discussed specific projects in the field of mineral resources, the development of subsoil areas, the issues of exploration and the possibility of settlement of the Korean party or for goods supplied or as part of investment cooperation - calculation based on the access of Russian companies to mine minerals DPRK" - said Galushka .

The Russian side hopes that the implementation of a number of measures proposed trade turnover between the two countries could grow from the current 112 million to $ 1 billion a year.

Moscow's interest in strengthening friendship with Pyongyang has not gone unnoticed in the West. According to the agency AP, the current behavior of the Russian logical consequence of increased tension in relations with Europe and especially the United States, which consider North Korea as one of the most unfriendly countries. The Kremlin has demonstrated in the past the focus on Asia, but became especially "proaktiven" since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, according to AP. And points: yes, everyone noticed what concessions made, including North Korea.

And other "anti-Western" countries. For example, "Interfax" reported the other day quoting "Rostec" that Russia may lift the embargo on arms supplies to Pakistan, and supports China to sell India the enemy helicopters Mi-35. In May, the Russian government approved a bill on the ratification of agreements with Vietnam on cooperation in the space sector, in particular, will be installed in the territories of these countries ground stations GLONASS (A similar arrangement has to Nicaragua, whose president, previously denounced anti-Russian US and EU sanctions). Between the Customs Union and Vietnam, meanwhile, created a free trade zone.




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