The border between South Korea and North Korea (21 photos)

There are several tourist myths in relation to the border between the two Koreas.
The first states that the border runs along the 38th parallel, the second - it is necessary to look at the border village of Panmunjeom 50km north of Seoul.
In fact, do not necessarily go to the fake tourist "attraction" at Seoul and pay a lot of money, as most tourists, the border can be seen in many places, it stretches nearly three hundred kilometers.
With regard to the 38th parallel, it is not quite true.
At the end of the Korean War in 1953 the parties have made the exchange of territories: North Korea received a part of the western sector of south of the 38th parallel, and the southerners have received part of the eastern sector of the north of the 38th parallel.

Take a look at the map, where the 38th parallel, and it becomes evident that it has a political rather than geographical significance. We decided to see the border at the northernmost point of South Korea, in a place with the name slozhnoproiznosimym Hyeonnae-myeon.
Absolutely not meet visitors you do not succeed, because the DMZ (demilitarized zone), it is by definition a closed area; Israel is not like where to go and touch the border fence. Locked area starts about 5 kilometers from the DMZ and the there are only five points, which will allow you to physically move closer to the fence and look at the DPRK. In all other cases you will be able to see perhaps that is very far away in the winding through the mountains fence and attempt to approach them will be immediately stopped vigilant Korean soldiers.

Given the fact that you'll remember me somewhere "profukannyh" international driver's license (in the sense of a paper liner), then take the car rental Korea failed. To some extent, this was compensated by a visit to puncture the border with China, Taiwan Kinmen Island, but actually it does not change. Therefore, to spend the night near the border, in the tiny town of Canson, 20 kilometers from the border with North Korea, I am in the early morning moved towards the border as such. There every hour goes the local bus, which is stopping in every village eventually reaches the check point, after which begins a closed military zone. As we approach the border of the bus empties eventually you remain his only passenger -

That's the end of the road, where the bus turns around and goes back. And fans of the borders have about a half kilometer walk along the roadside -

The fence on the right along the coast for almost 100 (!) Kilometers. The fact is that in 1996, just south, near the port city of Donghae ran aground North Korean submarine. Unwilling to surrender, the captain ordered to disembark and to break with the battle for the land back to North Korea, to which about 100 km in a straight line through the mountains and forests. During this raid insane fanatical communists, killing about two dozen innocent people relaxing on the beach, and the soldiers of the South Korean army, arrived on the scene of the alarm. Eventually, all the "northerners" were destroyed. Since then, South Korea had built a fence on the tens and hundreds of kilometers, sealed beaches. It looks a bit depressing, but such local realities. More can be read on Wikipedia article «Gangneung submarine infiltration incident» -

Past and then carried by military vehicles -

Oh, this is my practical mother Warhorse! Thousands of kilometers clocked up by yours truly here on this truck. See the article "How to warrant egg stealing" -

The hotel is cut off from the beaches of barbed wire looks strange -

20 minutes later walking on the side of the road, he went directly to the army checkpoint where the first can not be photographed, and secondly you can not continue to go on foot. The soldiers said they should go to a Information center, that a five-minute walk to get there, and permission to stay in the border area. No sooner said than done. I wrote in the magazine, I had to pay 3,000 won (about 2, $ 8) of a collection, and then I was told that to move on foot within the border zone is also impossible. What to do? No trips here is not carried out, no shuttle either. Ashamed to say I thought that normal tourists do not buzz and go on sham border near Seoul, and I know you always looking for "original" solutions. At this point, I asked for permission from the local Korean machine. And I asked him to do me a favor and throw up a viewing platform inside the border zone. He readily agreed, and then I was given a permit and allowed to move on. Hooray!

On the military check point check every passing car, looking in the trunk and under the bottom (through the mirror), in addition, of course, require a permit to stay - 92,439,630

And behind all the checks after the CAT and the border itself is only 5 kilometers, but then move on foot do not allow the military, referring to the presence of mines. And the fact that you see below, it is anti-blocks, under which, if necessary, support and knocked out huge boulders cover travel -

Between CPR and abroad just such anti gizmos seven pieces -

Soon we come to the observation deck and then I can walk on their own -

However, especially walking nowhere. The border is literally right next; you can see a small stream at the bottom? It is the southern boundary of the DMZ, but directly to the DPRK begins less than a kilometer to the north, where the line of the fence turns to the right, to the beach. A stream and a bend between the fence is precisely the demilitarized zone, or abbreviated DMZ -

Then I managed to get close to the edge a little closer -

Did you notice a railway line linking South Korea and the DPRK? Cloth very fresh, below we will address separately the couple and other amazing nuances -

Friends, you know what surprised me seriously? No, not fences and mystical closeness of the DPRK (eventually you can go there in an organized tour of China and Vladivostok, if not sorry for a couple of thousand dollars). Surprised and amazed increased construction Southerners highway three lanes in each direction, is cut off right before the DMZ. Also built powerful terminals, parking for thousands of cars, some outbuildings. Everything rummaged dozens of excavators and bulldozers. At the same time on the other side of the border there is nothing quite gray and dull; except in a few watchtowers nothing at all. Ask a question, for what purpose southerners something here to build? Who needs a dead end freeway with three lanes in each direction? There is a closed military zone, there are no human settlements and go absolutely nowhere. One gets the feeling that the southerners to something actively preparing likely to swift changes in North Korea, resulting in the need to have cross-border infrastructure. What do you think on this subject?



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