Korean campaign

September 15, 1950 US forces began Battle of Inchon, which has become one of the most famous battles during the Korean War and influenced its course. The history of local war when the two superpowers are fighting over a limited area without the use of nuclear weapons.
Before World War II, Korea was a colony of Japan. After 1945, the Korean peninsula formed two states, the boundary between them took place on the 38th parallel (the line of demarcation, which met in 1945, Soviet and American troops)

June 25, 1950 the army of the DPRK (numbering about 130 thousand. People, 258 tanks) started an offensive south

June 28 was taken in Seoul, South Korean troops (100 thousand. People) retreated Photo: American amphibious ships in the port of Incheon

From the South in the war took part in South Korea, the US, UK and several other countries as part of a UN peacekeeping force. In the northern part of the coalition included North Korea, China (unofficially - as compounds "of the Chinese People's Volunteers") and the USSR (through informal funding and military experts)

Often the conflict of the Cold War is seen as a proxy war between the United States and its allies c forces of China and the Soviet Union Photo: Army soldiers North Korea


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