Korean label: Daesung Entertainment (DSP)
Japanese label: Universal Music Japan
Official Fanclub: KAMILIA (KARA + Familia)
International website: KARAHOLIC.COM
Participants: Park Gyu Ri Han Seung Yeon, Nicole, Koo Ha Ra Kang Ji Yeon
KARA (카라) - South Korean girly pop band from Daesung Entertainment (DSP).
From the Greek kara or «chara» (χαρά, lit. «joy») means "sweet melody".

Initially, the group debuted in the number of 4 girls. The first album - The First Blooming (2007). In 2008, Kim Sung Hee was forced to leave the band due to pressure from parents. In its place took two new participants. The new composition of the girls got to the top of the charts with the song «Honey». Also had success singles «Pretty Girl», «Wanna», «Mister» and «Lupin».

Name: Park Gyu Ri
Nicknames: Gul Gul Homme, Goddess, LeGYulas, Shikshin, Red
Date of birth: 21.05.1988
In the group: singer, band leader
Blood Group: IV
Height: 162 cm
Favorite color: purple
Favorite season: autumn and spring
My favorite Korean artist: HOT
Motto: Whatever happened to think positively
Favorite "foreign" food: pizza
The very attractive in itself: the clavicle, eyes
Talents: Singing, Acting, mimicking
Hobbies: eat, reading, watching movies
Education: graduated Dongduk Women's University

Name: Han Seung Yeon
Nicknames: Choding, Big-smile-no-eyes
Date of birth: 24.07.1988
In the group: vocalist
Blood Group: II
Height: 160 cm
Favorite color: pink
Shoe Size: 6 (US), 235 mm (Korea)
Motto: the main thing - to believe
Favourite meal: soup BuDae (in appearance to look like a bum-bag))
The very attractive to me: forever (sometimes XD)
Talents: singing, dancing, parodies Gollum (Lord of the Rings)
Hobbies: reading, listening to music, watching anime, publish funny sounds bad to teach Nicole Korean words
Education: Graduated from Tenafly High School (New Jersey), is currently studying at the University Kyunghee (specialty acting skills)

Name: Nicole Jeong
Nicknames: Yongjoo, Tweety, Cole, Nikori
Date of birth: 7.10.1991
In the group: singer, repuet
Blood Group: II
Height: 164 cm
Favorite color: orange
My favorite Korean artist: Shinhwa
Talents: dancing, singing, rap, says in English and a little Spanish,
Hobbies: listening to music, playing the violin, cook, watch movies, read
Education: Global Christian School, Laurel Springs School -only 11 years, hopes to finish school, but so far that the group takes all the time

Name: Koo Hara
Nicknames: Koala Cuddles, Gura
Date of birth: 13.01.1991
In the group: vocalist
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 43 kg
My favorite Korean artist: Fin.KL
Hobbies: dancing
Education: Kwangjoo Academy of Music (where he studied Son Ri (Big Bang), they are good friends)
End Dongmyeong Woman's High School of Industry and Information

Name: Kang Ji Yeon
Nicknames: Jing, turtle, fox, rice cakes (because light skin)
Date of birth: 19.01.1994
Birthplace: Gyeonggi, Paju
My favorite Korean artist: Big Bang
Hobbies: singing, reading, collecting dolls
Education: Graduated from Kwanghee Middle School, now - Muhak Women's High School.


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