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The most popular group music video KPop (no solo).

Girls' Generation (Korean: 소녀 시대, rum: So Nyeo Shi Dae, Rus. Sonё Cedar) - South Korean group, consisting of eight member states and founded by SM Entertainment in 2007. Is the most popular group in Korea.

International name - Girls' Generation, fans also use the acronym SNSD / SoShi and Korean version of So Nyeo Shi Dae. Before the debut of the participating groups have been involved in the entertainment business as actors, DJs and as models.

Artistry and appeal
Music and songs, which are performed by the group belong to different genres, including K-Pop and bubblegum pop, which was very popular at the beginning of their careers. Influenced by such artists as a veteran K-Pop - singer BoA ​​and American singer Britney Spears. However, after the debut in Japan with the album «Girls' Generation» music has become more mature, electro-pop sound influenced songs.

John Seabrook (Eng. John Seabrook) of The New Yorker describes Girls' Generation as "a group of young girls from the elite school in tight jeans. When they are in short shorts show legs and the buttocks are not. " Seabrook also interviewed American fans Girls' Generation John Toth (Eng. Jon Toth), who said: "They take our love, and return it to us. When you see them on stage, the feeling that they have come to see you ».

In October 2012, New York Magazine claimed that the music itself is not a decisive factor in the popularity of K-pop in general, and Girls' Generation in particular. Most public likes the look of participants and their identity, and, as they say in the journal of "simplicity and restraint," friendly to the fans and each other. Fans told the magazine that when Girls' Generation on the stage, one gets the feeling that sometimes they look you straight in the eye and talk to you personally.

Kevin Perry of the British music publication NME wrote: "An unusually large number of participants in Girls' Generation allow you to see how to effectively work" machine "K-pop, which sets up the choreography of individuality».

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