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One of the most influential musicians of all time, David Bowie released July 15 is the fourth clip this year.

At this time came the video for «Valentine's Day». But these four clips only in the last 10 years. The return of David to such vigorous activity for many was a revelation, since according to biographer a few years ago Bowie finished with creative activity. In honor of this bright event, it shows that David Bowie there is life in the old dog, provides an overview of your most popular clips of the singer.

10 took the video for the song «China Girl», recorded back in 1983. It was directed by David himself and his friend and comrade who has made many videos for singer David Mellet. Clip scored on the Internet 3, 4 million hits:

«China Girl»

9 place goes to clip released this year, «Where Are We Now», this is the first music video, released after a decade hiatus. Remove the clip is incredibly professional and more like a very strange but nice art-house video. The Internet video seen by 3, 6 million people:

«Where Are We Now?»

On the eighth place ranking the most popular clips of David Bowie's music video located «Ashes To Ashes». Incredibly bizarre clip for a great song. Clip populated outrageous and magic. Action in the picture is constantly changing, which in combination with the vocals of David, just grabs you. Clip looked at 3, 8 million people:

«Ashes To Ashes»

7th place in the list of the most popular clips of David Bowie took the video for «Dancing In The street». This duo of David Bowie and Mick Jagger recorded in 1985. Two sex symbol fooled throughout the video, the song is even a quote from The Beatles: «Back in the USSR», which he sings Mick Jagger and his band since The Rolling Stones kept trying to overtake it in popularity Beatles. In general, a clip, where there are two of the most provocative and charismatic personalities of music of the twentieth century, could not get into the list of the most popular clips of David Bowie, he has 4, 5 million hits:

«Dancing In The Street»

6 was the video for the song «The Stars (Are Out Tonight)». This is the second video of David Bowie released this year. What distinguishes this clip from the clip «Where Are We Now?» Is also released this year, is the fact that the clip is not reminiscent of art-house and a good short film. Beautiful Woman, resembling a young David Bowie, saw nearly 5 million people.

«The Stars (Are Out Tonight)»

5 took the video for the song «Life on Mars?». The pleasant sound of the piano, bewitching vocals of the singer, in a frame just a singer in his usual "extravagant" image. A few close-ups and white background. Nothing extra. Following this scheme, the director made the video Mika Rock masterpiece that looked on the Internet 8 million people.

«Life on Mars?»

4th place goes to video for the song «Space Oddity». In fact, with this song begins bright and fading career of the great David Bowie. Filmed in 1969, the same clip of Mickey Rock, where fine musical composition is accompanied by a calm and measured visuals, looked on the Internet 8 million people.

«Space Oddity»

3 took the video «Heroes». At the writing of David Bowie inspired look hugging couples Tino Visconti (producer) and Anthony Maas (backing vocals). Title intends in quotes that show the irony of the situation. In the video there are only David Bowie, a beam of light and beautiful music. It was enough to clip watched by 9 million people.


2nd place goes to video for the song «Let's dance». The clip shows the various layers of humanity and the essence of the final is the following, "Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but his own hallway." Dance that still remains. Together with David danced on the Internet 9, 5 million people:

«Let's dance»

The most popular music video of David Bowie became «Under Pressure». This duo of David and the Queen, who changed the world. The video and the song itself is inspired, inspire, give strength. Incredibly motivating clip that calls for action, even under pressure. Bravo.

«Under Pressure»

David Bowie today released 49 videos, it very much. They are all bright and interesting, but the most popular.


It would be wrong to end this way, after 2 months ago, the network has a clip that changed the world. This is the first video filmed at the International Space Station. The main actor and director became an astronaut Chris Hedvild. Being a big fan of David Bowie, he recorded a cover of «Space Oddity», which is now looked on the Internet 16, 7 million people.

«Space Oddity (cover Chris Hadfield)»


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